Tuesday, April 9, 2013

kerenah org ke gym #5

adakah aku dah mula terasa bosan? kurang cabaran? kurang menarik? hmmm mungkin kah?? i need to do something to retain my motivation. for now, the only class that i enjoy doing is hip hop. the so called zumba, pentipu.. :( kenapa aku kata pentipu? sebab most of the time dia tak pakai latin music.. akak kuciwa.. so for now, i need to start doing the weights lifting there. 

for one, i don't like to run on threadmill at the gym here... because there are so many people. and for some reason i would think if i want to use the threadmill, i can use it at my house gym. but how else to warm up eh? hmmm ok, that is a different story.

macam tak de kaitan je gambar ni kan?
so anyway, there is this one lady in my class. there are not many classes, so whoever attends the class can be pretty obvious la kan... i have been noticing her for the past 2 weeks. one, she is quite gedik.. and got so excited when the instructor made jokes with her. and another thing is, dia ni suka macam nak memandai2 nak ajar orang lain, lepas tu diri sendiri menggelabah... ni jenis murid kalau dalam kelas nak tunjuk pandai lah... bosan betul... tengok pun macam meluat... tapi nak sibuk tunjuk pandai... letih arrr...