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jawbone speakers

by - April 08, 2013

have you heard about this brand - jawbone? i have been looking around for something that i can use to teach my funkey-fit class. and i found this - online. and i was lucky to find out that one of my office colleague has one of this. so, i tried the sound... and love it. just that i was confused with the price. the one that i saw on was rm600 plus.. and my friend bought his at rm900plus. 

i almost made my order when i saw something weird.. the size of the cheaper one looks like slightly bigger than a palm. but the one that my friend has was bigger... hmmm... so i browse again on the internet... and this was what i found :) and i would love to share this info with you. and after reading this, i will definitely get the 'big jambox' instead of the 'jambox' :)

where to buy?

according to the list, i can get them at harvey norman, the machines and a few other places.. :) can't wait!!

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