it's movie time!!

when was the last time i posted a review on movies? hmmm and when was the last time i watched a movie? owwhh.. it was in february after my surgery.. hehehe :D hmmm quite some time ago.. i so wanna watch these two movies... and kaiser owes me golden seat... is that what it's called? hehehe :D 


~ huh! best ni kak..nor tengok esuk..!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee..tak sabau! :D
Ein said…
nak tengok yang mana satu? :o ishhh jeles nihhh...
Queen of hearts said…
Hi Ein! Assalamualaikum's been ages since the last time I commented. Been a lil bit busy+malas nak bukak blog. LOL!

We are planning to watch Oblivion tomorrow (midnight movie). Leaving the boys with my inlaws.:D

Have a pleasant weekend dear!

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