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I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor :)

by - April 22, 2013

an achievement for me and i am so happy. it was a tiring weekend. i knew it was going to be tough for me because i got migraine attack on the very first day. and when i got home, i thought i was just tired.. and it will go off. but on the 2nd day, it worsen. did i give up? hell no! i must do this, it was really fun and the ZES instructor, george iu was very very generous in sharing his experience. it was really a blessing in disguise that i missed the penang training last february :) this weekend was really worth it! i got home.. after receiving my certificate, i threw up that night :( my eyes felt like gonna pop out!

anyway...i made new friends.. and owh... i had to reactivate my fb page because of my new friends. :) networking gitu kan... they are really zumba crazee people.. it was indeed a great training. we learned the basics of every rhythm and yeahh... zumba 70% dance and 30% fitness :) who doesn't love dancing? and the choreography was just beautiful and easy to follow :) really need to do that shake the boogie :p hahahahaa...
that's me & george iu :)
and i am also a ZIN member... what is the difference between a ZIN member and non ZIN member? a lot of difference :) only ZIN members can use the zumba logo in promoting their classes.. we get to download marketing materials, we will get a professional profile on zumba network :) and many many more.. with usd30 a month. :)

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