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good food but not good in customer service

by - April 08, 2013

i hate to do this but i should.. i had guests coming over to our house yesterday. so, kaiser and i went to mohd chan abdullah - chinese muslim restaurant in wangsa maju. i have had dinner here a few times with joelis, but this was the first time that we packed the food. 
so anyway, kaiser and i went there on saturday night and made our orders. honestly i wasn't comfortable placing my order because the person in charge was an indonesian. i supposed he was the person in charged. 1 thing needs to be learned, if you own a restaurant, when you, as owner put someone to be in-charged, he or she must be really capable of doing the job and not only with a smiley face but must be doing it right.!!

i specifically told him, i will come on sunday at 5pm because i have guests at 6pm. and guess what... we came 10 minutes before 5pm and they have not even started cooking!! and his excuse was if the food is cold, it will not be nice. "i don't freaking care!! i made an order and i expect them to be ready at 5pm!" and they said, "oh it takes only 10 minutes to prepare..." for your info we ordered more than 3 dishes... and ended having to wait for 30 minutes.. and before that, one of the waiter served the nasi goreng nenas at my table... this was when, i think i was boiling up to my head... that the person in-charged went quickly to the kitchen and helped out!! blardy hell... 

just follow instruction la.. what is so difficult to understand??

food is good but the customer service is so... arrgghhh.... and because of that, kaiser said he is NOT coming back to the place.

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