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don't quit?

by - April 15, 2013

i have been asked by joey since last week. he wanted to quit scouts all of a sudden. when i thought he was enjoying his activities in scouts. he just got back from a camp that he wanted to go to, although i was a bit hesitated allowing him to go... normal, a mom's thingy :p and i also noticed that the club is being dominated by a certain race. i was proud of my son that even so, he decides to be in the club.

anyway, since last week joey has been bugging me, and that got me upset. you can't just join something and spend so much and you want to quit a few weeks later... again, another mom's normal thingy - it is all about money - so you may think... as for me, the truth is, money is not an issue. but what needs to be learned from certain decision that you make, is an issue. i just don't want joey to quit because he said it was 'boring'. in real life, can you just quit your job because it is getting boring? well, of course not... life is not always rosie, right? you may have certain times that is fun and sometimes you just feel like throwing shit on someone's face :) 

so, this morning, joey was trying his luck again. but he was more prepared with all his points. and things that i told him was "if you want to do anything, follow your own heart. do not follow your friends. do what you want / love to do. because if you follow your friends, when they are not in the club/group anymore, you will tend to lose interest". 

do i want to torture joey to stay longer? no, that is not my point. but i just want him to learn.. that in life, he just need to face certain things... and i got to know something else...

he mentioned that he started to feel that the club members have started to be racist. hmmm okay... this, i need to check further. if the school teacher cannot control this from happening, there is a possibility that when they grow older and after they are out of school, they will start to carry this thinking. something has got to be done... 

and because the activity is done every alternate wednesday, apparently, joey has been missing his music club because there has always been scouts activity that stops joey from attending his music club? hmmm i need to investigate further.

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