Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ketawa sampai kentut

Bila angkara orang2 yang tak berperasaan block orang untuk blogging. . Buat masa ni.. macam ni lah posting aku. 

Kadang2 aku rasa orang pilih buat kerja yang kurang bermenafaat.. cuba fikir benda2 lain yang lebih produktif.. seperti menambah kebajikan pekerja ker.. haishh.. ye.. akak kecewa..tapi sebab makan gaji kan.. ikut je lah.. 

Meh kita hiburkan hati dengan fazura yang ayu ni.. ketawa sampai kentut katanya.. lol :D 

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Say NO to blocking bloggers!

Sometimes people think that by putting stringent rules, people will be more productive. Not realizing that people will be more resentful. Some people think by having such power, they can abuse them. I may be a bit cynical because I am a blogger. Those people who decides to block people from blogging are just cold hearted people who finds satisfaction by stopping people doing what they love. Bloggers are people who dares to express themselves and share their opinions in the public. People are not robots… we need a break from our work at times to release our stress. We don’t shout at others, we don’t swear… blog is one of our channel. For those employers who deliberately blocks employees from blogging will just create hatred amongst employees. But wait… do they care? Oh no.. they don’t… because they are in control. There are many other ways they can increase productivity… create happier working environment.

Say NO to blocking bloggers! :p hehehehe :D or my proposal would be… open up during off office hours ;) yes?

Monday, April 22, 2013

I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor :)

an achievement for me and i am so happy. it was a tiring weekend. i knew it was going to be tough for me because i got migraine attack on the very first day. and when i got home, i thought i was just tired.. and it will go off. but on the 2nd day, it worsen. did i give up? hell no! i must do this, it was really fun and the ZES instructor, george iu was very very generous in sharing his experience. it was really a blessing in disguise that i missed the penang training last february :) this weekend was really worth it! i got home.. after receiving my certificate, i threw up that night :( my eyes felt like gonna pop out!

anyway...i made new friends.. and owh... i had to reactivate my fb page because of my new friends. :) networking gitu kan... they are really zumba crazee people.. it was indeed a great training. we learned the basics of every rhythm and yeahh... zumba 70% dance and 30% fitness :) who doesn't love dancing? and the choreography was just beautiful and easy to follow :) really need to do that shake the boogie :p hahahahaa...
that's me & george iu :)
and i am also a ZIN member... what is the difference between a ZIN member and non ZIN member? a lot of difference :) only ZIN members can use the zumba logo in promoting their classes.. we get to download marketing materials, we will get a professional profile on zumba network :) and many many more.. with usd30 a month. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

it's movie time!!

when was the last time i posted a review on movies? hmmm and when was the last time i watched a movie? owwhh.. it was in february after my surgery.. hehehe :D hmmm quite some time ago.. i so wanna watch these two movies... and kaiser owes me golden seat... is that what it's called? hehehe :D 


1 more day to go... my brain is tired of absorbing 2 days of training... 
still typing using 1 or 2 fingers because my middle finger is still swollen. 
i wanna go home...
i wanna continue sleeping...

am i nervous of my classes over the weekend? hmmm... yeupp.. getting my zumba license over the weekend... 
will update more people... now i am starving... :p gonna get some breakfast.. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


i am feeling so tired today... meeting the whole day and it just drained out my brain. but somehow it was good to refreshed something that i have left for many years. 
*yawn*.... i am supposed to come home early...
okay lah... later2...

Monday, April 15, 2013

our wedding anniversary celebration

yes i am still at it... :p i had a great time with some close friends. the original plan was to have many people getting invited to a pool party... but then, kaiser said, he doesn't want to clean up the pool side after the party. i was like.. lerr.. it's gonna be catered. so, in the end, we both decided to have it at the Heritage Club as per my post before this. I invited 10 of my office friends and Kaiser invited his friends. All my invites did not turn up, some responded and told me they are not coming, there are those who just kept quiet, and there people who said yes but till the end of the party, they did not turn up. But we had fun never the less :) it is not the number that counts but the quality time with those who made time to be with us. And of course.. to be with a good band performing that night :)

we would also like to thank the hotel for the extra cake they gave us :) yummmy carrot cake.. and i got my choc cake from a friend of mine, sikin. check out her blog at beautifully done and delicious :))

Kaiser who never joins the ala poco poco / line dance, joined that night.. hehehe :D sorry for the photos bombarded here.. eversince i deactivated my fb account, where else can i share my photos? :D hehee bear with me please... thank you :p 

don't quit?

i have been asked by joey since last week. he wanted to quit scouts all of a sudden. when i thought he was enjoying his activities in scouts. he just got back from a camp that he wanted to go to, although i was a bit hesitated allowing him to go... normal, a mom's thingy :p and i also noticed that the club is being dominated by a certain race. i was proud of my son that even so, he decides to be in the club.

anyway, since last week joey has been bugging me, and that got me upset. you can't just join something and spend so much and you want to quit a few weeks later... again, another mom's normal thingy - it is all about money - so you may think... as for me, the truth is, money is not an issue. but what needs to be learned from certain decision that you make, is an issue. i just don't want joey to quit because he said it was 'boring'. in real life, can you just quit your job because it is getting boring? well, of course not... life is not always rosie, right? you may have certain times that is fun and sometimes you just feel like throwing shit on someone's face :) 

so, this morning, joey was trying his luck again. but he was more prepared with all his points. and things that i told him was "if you want to do anything, follow your own heart. do not follow your friends. do what you want / love to do. because if you follow your friends, when they are not in the club/group anymore, you will tend to lose interest". 

do i want to torture joey to stay longer? no, that is not my point. but i just want him to learn.. that in life, he just need to face certain things... and i got to know something else...

he mentioned that he started to feel that the club members have started to be racist. hmmm okay... this, i need to check further. if the school teacher cannot control this from happening, there is a possibility that when they grow older and after they are out of school, they will start to carry this thinking. something has got to be done... 

and because the activity is done every alternate wednesday, apparently, joey has been missing his music club because there has always been scouts activity that stops joey from attending his music club? hmmm i need to investigate further.

Friday, April 12, 2013

shopping mode

either something is bothering me or i am just in a shopping mode. i am just so happy today because i found the shoes that i wanted... almost bought 2 pairs because they have 2 colours. but thinking that i have 2 pairs of black shoes already... cancelled my plan.. errmm.. or... i will just sleep on it, and decide over the weekend. :p hahaha

i bought a piece of white dress for my party tomorrow... and the problem started because got to buy few other things.. which don't think i wanna mention here. one of them is a pair of shoes to match with a white dress... went round the whole alpha angle yesterday with lisa, but found nothing :(

and today, went to mid vall for lunch, not even 5 minutes, i saw the shoes that i wanted... so, tried my size and yey!!
i had this pair before... but either i lost them or i threw them away...
just like above but a different colour :) best tak? :p

it's our 4th year anniversary :)

today mark our 4th year as husband and wife and as a family. it wasn't easy but we are still going strong, alhamdulillah and, if we are destined to be together, insyaallah.. God will guide us through.
we always drive each other crazy.. and that doesn't mean we don't love each other :P

 we have our own romantic times that no one would understand :p 
 the same interest that keeps us closer :)
the jokes that only we understand :p 

for those who would like to celebrate with us, we will be at Heritage Club, The Royale Chulan, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur 13th April, 2013, 10.30pm onwards... with the best local band in town... D'adza!! 
if you wear white, we'll know you are there for us :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

aku, lempeng & sambal tumis

haaa!! ambik kau.. bila mood menulis dah banyak.. macam ni la jadi nya... tapi sekarang ni bahan2 yang baru yang aku tulis. kisah aku, lempeng & sambal tumis. sekarang ni tengah sedih sebab orang yang kata nak buat tu tak buat... :"( so, pagi tadi aku pi beli mee goreng sebab aku wassap dia.. dia senyap jer.. ehemmm... tsk tsk...

dari aku kecik sampai dah besar, parents aku ada maid... kemudian bila aku dah ada anak, aku pulak ada maid sendiri. aku teringat sorang maid aku ni, nama dia 'nor', orang dia kecik jer.. pakai specs.. and kalau dia buat kerja kat rumah memang ligat. lepas tu dulu kalau dia buat lempeng & sambal tumis.. perghhh sehingga menjilat jari.. memang sampai kebas bontot la aku duduk kat dining chair tu. dia buat lempeng tu, nipis... pastu sambal tumis ikan bilis dia, kalau dapat bilis yang rangup tu lagi best... perrghhh... *dah telan air liur sendiri ni* :p

aku pinjam gambar ni dari seorang blogger :) terima kasih...
tapi sekarang payah nak dapat lempeng yang sedap ni... kalau dapat orang bawak ke office... waahh memang aku sengih sampai telinga la.. yang rajin buat si orochi tu... aku selalu la ngicak dengan dia.. dah la suka tayang kat instagram.. cheh...  apa2 pun, aku menanti lah dengan penuh kesabaran... takat nak aku buat sendiri... dah berzaman aku tak buat sambal tumis sendiri.. hmmm dah malas kan, nasib la tunggu orang buatkan.. :P