Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wont give up on us :) ♡

I am at my now kinda favorite hair saloon. :) listening to 'won't give up on us'. And believe it or not, I am missing kaiser right now.

It is just tiring when people keep on telling me what to do as if I have not done anything that I should be doing. You might get confused reading my post but as this is a blog, I need to release. 

I had a great time going out with kaiser last night after few weeks attempt failed. :p we went out for a pool party and later on went for favorite band performance none other than dadza band, now playing at the heritage club, royale chulan. Our supposed to be a short visit.. can never be really a short one once we started to watch them perform. They are just superb performers.

Where is this post heading? Hehehe I don't know.. just thot of saying that I miss kaiser and I won't give up on us.. at least not without trying :)