Monday, March 11, 2013

monday blues anyone?

isn't it too late to talk about monday blues? ok this is what happened. i would normally sleep before i enter my office. don't ask me where because it can be anywhere. however, somehow, i just cannot sleep today. ended buying early breakfast and hhmmm it wasn't healthy and i am not proud about it. dah la 2 nights ago i was scolded by kaiser for spoiling my food intake... mana tak nya, jam dah pukul 1130pm and aku bantai charkueytiow kat NZ dengan sate 5 cucuk! hahaha :D ok ok sorry bro.. don't la get angry hokeh.. hehehe :D

anyway, then i tried to do this freaking cost control spread sheet... i have always known myself as not a number person. and kaiser is better with numbers than i :) i guess that is why we are ok as a team? LOL :D at times lah... so, okay... percubaan hampir gagal but nasib baik ada staff from finance who can assist me to clean it up.

then we had lunch at chilli espresson because i feel like eating their salad + potato + salmon, unfortunately they did not have it today :( resolved on fish and chips.. during lunch we were listening to the story from a friend who just got back from mekah performing his umrah with his family member... suddenly i became so nervous especially when he mentioned about cockroaches.. :o erkkk it was a good experience for him and he said, if we have rezeki, go lah..  


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ sedap tuh kak..! tp fries byk carbo!!