Wednesday, March 27, 2013

for now, i have decided

working with suck ups really sucks! i may be receiving a good pay monthly, and the benefits are marvelous, alhamdulillah... but seriously... don't think i can last that long now...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

exciting days ahead :P yyeyy!!

yes i am experiencing this right now.. i have so much to tell, to write, to post and to do... and it is like my brain is leaking... and overloading.. hahahah LOL :D anyway, i always like to think it this way... life has always been wonderful to me and i believe to all of you too. it is just a matter of waiting patiently... be with the right people... and get rid of those negativity :) i am so looking forward for my next fitness session tonight... yeup... my body is still sore after a full 1hour workout on sunday and yesterday... and i am having all this energy in me that needs to be used... yey!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

sakit perut

macam lah tak de benda nak citer kan? tak, memang la sekarang ni tengah sakit perut. i think i have been having gastric since 2 weeks ago. perut rasa tak selesa and bloated :( lepas tu kalau silap time makan sikit, dia start rasa cucuk.. and sebu. lepas tu sentiasa lapar. macamana nak turun weight kan?

so today, aku try la control yang mana patut. pagi ambik cereal 3 in 1. lps tu snacks tibai biskut 4 keping cicah nescafe.. sebab aku ni kena ada susu tiap2 hari. kalau tak de susu, akan rasa macam tak bertenaga. so tadi by 12 noon dah lapar gila. tapi tunggu gak lah time lunch after 1230tghari macam tu baru turun cari nasi. so, i ate half portion of steamed rice + mushroom + broccoli. and i bought fruit salad sikit. 

lps tu mmg la lapar balik. ngantuknya.. tuhan je yang tahu.. sampai pening la, tahan ngantuk... so i went down again nak beli makanan.. and i bought rubbish..kalau kaiser tau, memang cair la telinga kena bebel. sepatutnya i take shake.. tapi macam tak lalu pulak. 

so i had like 2inches of sausage roll, bun sambal, karipap 1 ketul.. semua mini sizes.. manis campur masam.. tak pedas pun.. so sekarang perut aku dah mencucuk2 :( camne nak gi gym ni... i don't wanna miss because today is hip hop... adeh la..

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wont give up on us :) ♡

I am at my now kinda favorite hair saloon. :) listening to 'won't give up on us'. And believe it or not, I am missing kaiser right now.

It is just tiring when people keep on telling me what to do as if I have not done anything that I should be doing. You might get confused reading my post but as this is a blog, I need to release. 

I had a great time going out with kaiser last night after few weeks attempt failed. :p we went out for a pool party and later on went for favorite band performance none other than dadza band, now playing at the heritage club, royale chulan. Our supposed to be a short visit.. can never be really a short one once we started to watch them perform. They are just superb performers.

Where is this post heading? Hehehe I don't know.. just thot of saying that I miss kaiser and I won't give up on us.. at least not without trying :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fitness Tip: Fat Vs. Muscle

- We hear it all the time... "I'm working out less and my muscle is turning into fat!" This is one of the biggest myths in weight training. Muscle and fat are completely different types of tissue and can't magically be changed. Muscle shrinks (atrophy) when not stimulated, so your muscles may seem softer. Compounding the problem, most people don't lower their calorie intake to match their now lower energy needs. The result is less muscle mass and extra calories being stored as fat which creates a shift in your body composition

Source: personal trainer
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

kerenah org ke gym #3

dah berapa hari aku terpikir dah lama tak tulis pasal kerenah orang pi gym kan. dah tak de yang lain dari yang lain, so tak de la topik pasal tu :) tapi semalam ada.. heh heh.. tak la banyak mana pun. sekarang class kat main studio dah start lambat, pukul 630pm. so, tak de lah kelam kabut settle kerja sangat, nak solat lagi segala bagai. ehh.. kenapa aku tulis dalam bahasa ni yehh? :o :p
anyway, semalam aku tukar baju.. satu benda la kat gym ni.. aku tak tau la gym lain, sebab ini 1st time aku join gym besar macam ni. dalam changing room tu kan ada locker2.. pastu minah2 yang pi gym ni nak tukar baju.. pastu terkepot kepot kat tepi locker tu.. nak strip off, malu kut.. tapi nak tukar baju kat situ.. cuba macam aku, pi masuk shower room tu, tukar baju. kan senang. selalu aku buat macam tu... dah settle tukar baju baru pakai kasut depan locker. tak de la menyusahkan orang di sekeliling. 

semalam aku dah siap tukar baju, aku sedar ada sorang minah ni dok perhati aku. mula2 aku buat dek. tapi bila aku pi ke arah cermin besar kat the other side, she was actually teleng kepala dia dok intai aku. nak je aku sound, "ko apa hal? ada hutang dengan aku ke?" kalau pandang senyum tak apa lah jugak.. tapi ni macam orang prak! haishh....

tapi apa2 pun, aku seronok join hip hop class sekarang :) 

Monday, March 18, 2013

lost organiser - help

do i need to elaborate more? :( i lost my office organiser since 1st week of feb 2013. i was relaxed then because i was hoping that i just misplaced it somewhere.. but now it is already end of march 2013 and i still cannot find it :( my meetings notes are in there... and my financial expenses are in there too.. and because of that, i have not paid 1 of my card payment :( and today, when kaiser wanted to use the credit card it was blocked. errkkk sorry la darling.. i never miss any payments like this. 

if any of you have seen my organiser... pls let me know... please please... it is black and has 'malakoff' embossed on it. 

al-amar lebanese cuisine - my personal review

N1 wassaped (is that even a word? ermmm you guys know what that means right? :p) me last week to confirm on where we can have a makan2 session to celebrate our mom's birthday and also my parents' anniversary. with everyone's 'okay' we decided to have a buffet lunch at al-amar, pavillion. i like the food there :) and the owner is kaiser's client. so.. and since kaiser's last class ended at 1pm, he can join us too. 

i was there have been the twice with joelis & kaiser, and the last time was just with kaiser when we had late dinner...supper almost. and we had ala carte. it the price was quite on the high side, if you ask me :) but the food was yummy. our visit this time was with the whole of Kalam's Clan! and it was buffet. and let me point this out... i have never eaten that much for a buffet function!! and i loved the salmon pastry... i had like 6 pieces of that!! and i had 2 servings of salmon + mashed potato. omg, i was bloated...

  • date of visit: 17th March 2013 
  • location:  Level 6, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • place: nice and clean.
  • decor: exclusive looking, lebanese style i supposed, just that the chairs are heavy :p hehehe. they did very well in making the buffet line outside of the restaurant. it attracts people who passed by the restaurant. well done!
  • cleanliness: clean :) 
  • service: good and acceptable...the chef, i think, went around with a smiling and friendly face. 
  • price: a total bill for about rm1,200+- for a buffet lunch for 13 adults and 2 kids? and we will definitely come back!
  • food: too many options... :D :D you just gotta go and experience it yourself.
will i recommend the place..yes and yes and yes :) 

Monday, March 11, 2013

monday blues anyone?

isn't it too late to talk about monday blues? ok this is what happened. i would normally sleep before i enter my office. don't ask me where because it can be anywhere. however, somehow, i just cannot sleep today. ended buying early breakfast and hhmmm it wasn't healthy and i am not proud about it. dah la 2 nights ago i was scolded by kaiser for spoiling my food intake... mana tak nya, jam dah pukul 1130pm and aku bantai charkueytiow kat NZ dengan sate 5 cucuk! hahaha :D ok ok sorry bro.. don't la get angry hokeh.. hehehe :D

anyway, then i tried to do this freaking cost control spread sheet... i have always known myself as not a number person. and kaiser is better with numbers than i :) i guess that is why we are ok as a team? LOL :D at times lah... so, okay... percubaan hampir gagal but nasib baik ada staff from finance who can assist me to clean it up.

then we had lunch at chilli espresson because i feel like eating their salad + potato + salmon, unfortunately they did not have it today :( resolved on fish and chips.. during lunch we were listening to the story from a friend who just got back from mekah performing his umrah with his family member... suddenly i became so nervous especially when he mentioned about cockroaches.. :o erkkk it was a good experience for him and he said, if we have rezeki, go lah..  

me -> haywire

why do i say that? because it seems that i have not been blogging as i used to. hehehe :D haywire la tuh.. so, ok, let's get that blogging mood on. i am going to share with you what happened on the weekend. i was thinking of what have i done this weekend. if i were to follow the '7 habits of highly effective people', i should be balanced in my roles & responsibilities..hence by identifying up to 7 key roles (professional & personal) and gotta write their names on the key roles. okay, let's re-cap what i have done for/with them.
  1. for my parents: i drove and went with my mom and dad to a wedding in batu caves. hehehe i realized that it is quite confusing to be driving with 2 instructions :p nevertheless  i am glad i did the favor for them.. and also realized that ever since joelis goes back to riana after school, i see my parents less than before :(  
  2. with friends: hemmmm on wassaps, calls, and had a mommies gathering last saturday in ukay perdana which was crazee... :) and owh... i ate a lot!! and i meant it okay... and i taught a group of friends for group fitness on thursday :) it's gonna be every week for now until at least march 2013.
  3. as a mom: prepared dinner for the family - after quite some time being lazy and have not been cooking. 
  4. as a wife: support kaiser in fulfilling his dreams which is also our dream together. some sort of our retirement plan together. and yes, i want this to happen, insyaallah. and went with him to meet up with his friend who has explained a lot about the business.
  5. as a sister: ermmm... have not done much last week, i guess except spending time on bbm chat :( will do better. 
  6. as an employee: finished 90% of the kpi requested and planning for the year 2013 :p 
  7. for community: collecting donation for a school :) and yeah... still doing it... do visit my previous posting on that. 

there you go... ;) so, did it boost up my energy for this week? let's make a plan...

and owh... i colored my hair last night.. kaiser was so sweet to wait for me for 2 hours! i thought he would have gone home and only come to fetch me after i smsed him. but he waited instead at wwm :) hehehe and when he saw my hair.. his comment was.. 
korang jgn tertipu ok... those were not my legs..
 they belong to the guy in front of me.. hehehe :p 
kaiser: so what did you do? i see no difference?
me: i touch up la... 
kaiser: *came closer to look at my hair* ooohh yeahh now i see... but it looks like red!
me: no lah.. it is dark brown, i want to get back to my original hair color.
kaiser: but black would be better, no?
me: ermmm boring laa.. i just want to cover my gray hair.. and i don't want black :(
kaiser: hmmm... i still think black is better. if i want a woman with blonde hair, i would have married a woman with blonde hair.
me: ehh.. ke situ pulak.. :p 

hehehe :D ok lah... i will make it darker next round :D

Thursday, March 7, 2013

derma jariah / zakat: pembangunan & pengurusan pusat tahfiz al-quran dan al-hadis

bila tengok2 balik dah lama tak buat posting tentang sumbangan. so, let's buat sedikit amalan untuk persediaan masa hadapan. i nak minta derma on behalf dari you all sorang sorang, tak larat la pulak kan :) so, best way is through this blog. kepada rakan2 blogger, di mohon dapat memberi sumbangan serba sedikit ke bank terus ya. 

and i believe they have a facebook page because i did google up cuma since for now i do not have a facebook, i tak dapat nak buat screen capture. do search for pusat tahfiz's with full address, insyaallah you will find the facebook page. 


kepada sesiapa yang nak surat ni lebih clear, i can email to you. and do pass it on... semoga kita semua mendapat berkat dari membuat amal jariah yang berpanjangan :) ameen. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

kerenah org ke gym #3

heheheh :D kerenah siapa? aku lah kali ni... having to be rested for 2 weeks and not doing anything.. my body was craving for some exercise. by the way, a week after my procedure, i did yoga, and i feel good. then came the 2nd yoga class when i made a mistake for not warming up!! big mistake people... my left hand jammed. it just got locked and i panicked. quickly put cold pack even when i sleep. and did my own arm exercises at home.. alhamdulillah felt better the next day. so, moral of the story, always come earlier and have proper warm up!

so what did i do yesterday? since i missed my hip hop and zumba classes for 2 weeks in a row.. i decided to do a straight 2 hours... hahaha dream on... i was supposed to take it easy, right.. ended up.. lasted for only 1.5 hours and i was sore on my upper body... lucky enough that i can still drive home! :) when i got home, spoilt my diet by eating rice when i am not supposed to errmm sort of.. :p trying to lose some kgs here okay :p and arriving at my parents' house is not easy to tahan not to makan :p

oh kejap2... ada penambahan... we started the hip hop class at 630pm yesterday and there was this 1 girl, sampai2 dok termenung tengok tingkap. entah apa yang dia renung entah kat tengah2 jalan kat stesen tu.. lepas tu main handphone. kadang2 aku pikir, ko nak datang class exercise, tak payah la sibuk2 nak tengok handphone. 1 jam je pun kut ye pun.. last2... kitorang dah warm up dah nak abis, baru dia perasan kitorang dah start... hehehe tersipu2 terus join warm up.. ha... berangan lagi!

i took my flu medicine as i arrived home... and zasssss... gone in dreamland.... kesian kaiser... i was already drowsy when he was excited telling the story about our future retirement plan :) :*

Monday, March 4, 2013

i am back at work!

starting today with a positive attitude... yey... it is my 1st day at work after recuperating 2 weeks at home :) wearing a new office attire - simply to boost up my energy.. hahaha :D yeaup... tell me about it, kaiser and i went out before my surgery... and i bought 3 pairs of office wear... i still have 2 pairs of pants suits in the cupboard... and last week, i bought another one.. yyeyeeyoo :p so people keep on smiling!!