the day my fb account is deactivated

yeup you are reading it right... for some reasons, i have decided to deactivate my fb account.. it may be temporary.. or it may be permanent. and no, i did not announce it in my fb status. simply because only people who matters to me, or those who thinks i matters to them would feel it. otherwise, i am sure they have many other online friends.. and i am just one of them :) 

for some, fb has changed their lives.. some for the good and some for the worst. it depends on individual to take it. same goes for me. anyway, insyaallah, i can live without fb.. and.. or.. let's just see how it goes. 

office work will be loading pretty soon. and my fitness classes (some extra stuff that i like to do) starts tomorrow. i have a lot of other things planned in place. 

take little step at a time. and i hope those little steps will give me the success and happiness that i want. and yeah.. some things in life cannot be compromised. simply can't ... 

Ya Allah, please guide me through this journey that You have drawn for me. Please make me strong and soften my heart. the only reason that my heart is harden is so that i don't get hurt. But i realize now, i need to change for the better. 


~ heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmm..
salam singgah...

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