Saturday, February 9, 2013

life without fb

calmer :) hehehe although i did some sort of like it was like an automated action when i played with my NoteII. the app is there anyway.. so, when that happens, i just like.. chuckled and aah.. i can live without. i supposed i can understand how my princess lisa feels like now.. :) owhh and yes, i do miss checking out my friends' status updates.. or their whereabouts.. but i do feel glad for not being able to read some political grouches (those that are not constructive criticisms), some people who always complains about their life but not doing anything about it.. etc etc... 

kaiser keeps on telling me, right after i deactivated my fb account that i do not have to do that.. but then, i just smiled at him.. and said, "i want to do this - but until when i don't know..we'll see how" :) as i have mentioned, i wish NOT to repeat the same mistake in my relationship. 

since last wednesday, we both were like falling in love once again. we text-ed each other telling how much we think of each other... checking each other on if we have had our meals.. and what we are up to. we watched tv together with the feeling of closeness..'again' after not really doing that for quite some time. i had a chat with lisa too about us.. as in all of us in a family. and looking at +ve changes in lisa... makes me feel relieved. alhamdulillah.
on the way to Gym Rakyat, Kg Pandan :) and yes... he did that face on purpose :p
@ Heritage Club -that's us with Jatt Black Dog Bone - he was awesome!
we had out date night out again last night, after many many weeks..or months not going out... we both missed the time..moment but we did not tell each other...we should have... and we both were glad that we had that talk.. and today... we both went out checking out on a room that i can conduct my group fitness. :) 

people can be judgmental about our little family... and how we run it... but what is most important is how each of them means a lot to me... i will not be able to live with my life... knowing that those people that i love.. staying with me but being unhappy... and the worst part would be, without me  even doing anything to change myself to be a better person.