Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AKO taking a break

hi all... this could be the last post for this week. kaiser has been admitted to the hospital since sunday night until today, as i am typing this. i really hope that he will be out soon and be well again. he has been complaining that his lower abdominal is in pain. i will rush to the hospital in a while. 

i will be in the operation room for my own procedure this morning and i might not be able to be online. remember the issue that i have been having about my left side of my body? the numbness? so, the doctor is going to treat that today - this morning. :) hopefully everything will be okay. 

hmm.. yeah... my ward and kaiser's are on the same floor.. hehehe :D how romantic :P LOL :D anyway, you guys/gals... keep on blogging... express your feelings :) but be nice at the same time (if you can help it :P)

i will be back... insyaallah :)
our holiday for CNY 2013.. hehehe :D :p


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ moga akak ngan big hero akak cepat sembuh..!!! in shaa Allah

Dunia Wilma said...

Semoga cepat sembuh ya...