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u-cafe, wangsa walk wangsa maju - my personal review

my first impression about the cafe was... wow... nice... and i told my kids that one day we must try to have lunch at this place. and after 2 cancellations of plan... we finally get to eat here for lunch. 
the soft shell crab was disappointing, but lisa and joey liked their food. my kuey tiow in the lotus leave.. ermmm nothing special. but i guess you guys can give it a try... 

date of visit: 23rd Feb 2013location:  Wangsa Walk Mall, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaplace: nice and clean, good music.decor: inviting. cleanliness: clean :) service: not bad, reasonable waiting time. price: a total bill for about rm113.50 for lunch for 3pax? hmm a bit on a high side for a so so meals.  food: pasta carbonara, kuey tiow.. etc.. aahhh refer to the bill please :p will i recommend the place..yes :) 
comment: they can add a bell for customers who are seated outside, easier to call for the waiters/waitress. 

Plan your meal time

Actually these are basics that people always forget. A good reminder for all for us - and the key would be also, do it NOW.. Not tomorrow, or the day after, but NOW :)

Fitness Tip: Slow down as the sun goes down - What do I mean by this? Well just as important as it is to eat a great breakfast to start the day, it is also as equally important to reduce your food consumption as the day goes on. So plan to eat a good solid breakfast, a good lunch, and reduce your meal portions at dinner time. Remember that as you get closer to bedtime your body starts to wind down and you will not have the same opportunity at night to burn those consumed meal calories as you did earlier in the day. So eat more early and back down as you reach sun down.

Sources: your personal trainer

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Eat right :)

Ok guys/gals... I love this because most people get the wrong understanding about what or when or how to eat right.

Fitness Tip: Pace yourself for Weight Loss - Eat a small meal and wait 20 minutes before deciding if you need more food. This will give your stomach and brain time to communicate. If have eaten enough food, your brain will alert your body, and you will find that you don't desire anything more. If you are still hungry after this period, eat a small amount more, and wait another 20 minutes.
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Watch "Xtreme Te Extrano ~ Original version © lighter verison" on YouTube
ehh tak keluar rupanya... here goes.. hope this works ;)

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waddaappp...? :)

ohh my.... berhabuk...  bersawang already my blog izzit? heh heh.. gosh... i was so not in the mood to blog because the after-surgery thingy... well, ok, i call it surgery coz it would be easier to tell rather than,'radio frequency rhizotomy procedure'? well anyway... am i ok? hmmm recovering process... have not dared to drive yet because my neck is still stiff.. and after this afternoon incident..when i turned to the left too fast... it went...sqqrghhhh... because i was on the scooter to go for lunch with kaiser. ouch it hurts.. okay...
hmm okay... thank you for your well wishes... i just posted your comments, but i thank you here ok :) appreciate your comments :) namely...orochi:) and dunia wilma :) :) for my office friends who sent flowers and fruits.. thank you :) and my friends who sent well wishes via sms or bbm or wassap.. thank you.. :) and for my friends who made an effort to come and visit me... charmene :) muaahh muahh... she was there as early as when i was just o…

AKO taking a break

hi all... this could be the last post for this week. kaiser has been admitted to the hospital since sunday night until today, as i am typing this. i really hope that he will be out soon and be well again. he has been complaining that his lower abdominal is in pain. i will rush to the hospital in a while. 
i will be in the operation room for my own procedure this morning and i might not be able to be online. remember the issue that i have been having about my left side of my body? the numbness? so, the doctor is going to treat that today - this morning. :) hopefully everything will be okay. 
hmm.. yeah... my ward and kaiser's are on the same floor.. hehehe :D how romantic :P LOL :D anyway, you guys/gals... keep on blogging... express your feelings :) but be nice at the same time (if you can help it :P)
i will be back... insyaallah :)

my big hero is down :(

kaiser told me that he has been purging and vomiting since 3am.. i was too sleepy.. and tired to respond to him.. even though i was awake when he told me that. i just looked at his weak face... nodded and went back to sleep... it was perhaps just before 5.00am. just before 7.00am... i was awake by a groaning pain sound coming from the bathroom. i thought i was having a bad dream! :o i got up and remembered that kaiser told me about his aching tummy...i looked for him and called out his name. and i heard that groaning sound again.. 
i quickly got out of bed and checked in the bathroom... :o there he was lying on the bathroom floor.. motionless.. i was shocked... he has not stopped purging and vomiting ever since... he could not get anything in his stomach.. he will throw up again! gave his some biscuits.. 100plus.. and water... it didn't work. 
as usual he refused to be taken to the doctor. he is so afraid of the doctor, clinic, hospital. by afternoon... he was still in bed.. look…

life without fb

calmer :) hehehe although i did some sort of like it was like an automated action when i played with my NoteII. the app is there anyway.. so, when that happens, i just like.. chuckled and aah.. i can live without. i supposed i can understand how my princess lisa feels like now.. :) owhh and yes, i do miss checking out my friends' status updates.. or their whereabouts.. but i do feel glad for not being able to read some political grouches (those that are not constructive criticisms), some people who always complains about their life but not doing anything about it.. etc etc... 
kaiser keeps on telling me, right after i deactivated my fb account that i do not have to do that.. but then, i just smiled at him.. and said, "i want to do this - but until when i don't know..we'll see how" :) as i have mentioned, i wish NOT to repeat the same mistake in my relationship. 
since last wednesday, we both were like falling in love once again. we text-ed each other telling how…

appreciate those you love before they are gone

i almost lost someone that i love very much yesterday. at times, people get too engrossed with the usual routine stuff that you missed out the moment that you should spend with the people you love. people whom you are closed to, people who feels left out. people whom you think didn't care, but in actual reality they do care and want the affection as much as you want them on you. people who made sacrifices in their life for you. 
i wish not to repeat the same mistake that i have done before... and when there was a wake up call yesterday.. i realized that my ego has gone above me... and i should break it... and i am glad i did.. i know what i need and what i want... and i am glad... God gives me the chance to be better... for us to still be together... 

the day my fb account is deactivated

yeup you are reading it right... for some reasons, i have decided to deactivate my fb account.. it may be temporary.. or it may be permanent. and no, i did not announce it in my fb status. simply because only people who matters to me, or those who thinks i matters to them would feel it. otherwise, i am sure they have many other online friends.. and i am just one of them :) 
for some, fb has changed their lives.. some for the good and some for the worst. it depends on individual to take it. same goes for me. anyway, insyaallah, i can live without fb.. and.. or.. let's just see how it goes. 
office work will be loading pretty soon. and my fitness classes (some extra stuff that i like to do) starts tomorrow. i have a lot of other things planned in place. 
take little step at a time. and i hope those little steps will give me the success and happiness that i want. and yeah.. some things in life cannot be compromised. simply can't ... 
Ya Allah, please guide me through this journe…
i don't know what to call this posting... that is how bad it is right now.. as usual, i want to write about something else but somehow... for some reason, i know i am doing something wrong.. at least i am attracting the wrong aura.. argghhh... just so wrong... i am not hating whatever that is happening around me. i am trying to just let it go by... i don't want to think about it. but i guess it just burst yesterday. lots of wrong things happening... and i wanted to release by going to the gym... i had fun by the way... although they changed the class.. i waited for an extra half hour. but hey.. i get to do hip hop.. hahaha :D enjoyed it... oh .. i sent my car to the workshop earlier.. and the mechanic was supposed to send my baby back to my office.. but guess what?? i got 3 missed calls from him while i was in my class.. he told me my car was not ready! and ... i cried??! omg... i cried over that?? hhuummmpphh.. no.. i think there is too much in my head that i could not take …

My PH weekend

On a working trip to Thistle Port Dickson. Brought JoeLis along.. best dapat tido sama2.. had a huge bed in the hotel. The days are packed with meeting so in between I made it a point to be with them. :) gosh how I wish I can spare more time with my kids.. they grow up so fast! :(