Sunday, January 6, 2013

Phuket Dive Trip 14th Dec to 18th Dec 2012

current mode: very very down... so, i am going to divert my sadness to something that i really really love... --> diving :) as usual it gives me that cooling calming effect. so, let's start...

i noticed know that i will always get what i want, and alhamdulillah, i got what i wanted just before i end 2012 :) that is dive trip. remember when i posted about i missed the bali trip with all my diving buddies? well, i then told myself, i must go for at least 1 dive before i end the year 2012. and yeahh... i went to phuket. 

for the first time since 2008, i went diving alone - as in, without anyone that i know. was i nervous? hell yeahh... and for the first time - i puked!! shite!! but... i have a good looking dive buddy :) ahah!! getting there ... getting there... and owhh.. this was also the first time that i have with me, joelis and kaiser. errmm this may be the first and last that i brought kaiser along. why? because i get sick when he is around. he complaints about this, that etc etc... and it spoils my excitement, and i start to worry about whether he is going to be okay or not when i am diving. i'd rather be only with my diving buddies or joelis :) i love diving and i thot i would want my loved ones to be with me and see what i do.. but if he is not happy doing that, i am not gonna make him come with me next time :) life is simple.. you always have the options. 

the van picked us up at 830am, i think.. gosh i forgot the actual time. at first i thought, demmm that was early, but it's like 930am in KL. so, ok lahh.. right? we reached the pier in less than an hour. i did not know what to expect and who is going to dive with me. when we arrived, a guy came up and start calling out our names. and i saw this guy...and my thots was like.. "heh heh.. he is cute" and lisa noticed him too... especially when he calls out my name and signaled  "you... are diving with me!" i was smiling to my ears.. hahahaha yey! temporary excitement there... chill chill... kaiser was with me all the time okay... :p 

the boat was clean and beautiful. i did not really eat because i was nervous. i love the scenery but don't really like the rough sea... bumpy rides i would say. i fought and not taking the nausea pills. gave kaiser his earlier coz he had bad experience when he went sailing in a yacht with his friends a year ago. as for me, i never thought that i would ... puke :( and.. i could not stand it anymore... went down to the toilet.. and bluechhh... yucks.. didn't like it. wanted to act macho but failed terribly... hahahaha :p 

and owh... the toilets were acceptable too :) well taken care of, clean.

so, i waited downstairs till i feel better... and IR (my dive buddy - who is also an instructor at south siam divers) told me that i'd feel much better when we go underwater later... and i know he was right :) and guess what, luckily i can assemble my regulator and all myself, otherwise, i will be hiding my head underneath my wet suit.. LOL :D 

it was a good dive... IR has been was very patient with me and he really took good care of me ;) i like... hehehe :D and normally i would be having problem descending, but this time, it wasn't that bad. the visibility was very good... the sand was so white.. and i saw a few creatures that just amazed me..subhanallah :) God's creation is just so amazing... and i feel so calm and relaxed. IR dived slowly nearby with his underwater camera. i brought mine but couldn't find the charger, in the end, left it in the hotel room.. good huh :p 

lunch was simple but delicious. i knew lisa might not want to eat because she is particular about the cooking, so i prepared a loaf of bread and tuna for her. luckily my kids are not fussy about food..except as long as it is halal. means, they can live without rice :)

2nd dive was good although i prefer the 1st dive. the water was much clearer. i had a very short break after my lunch before my 2nd dive.. so, i took my own sweet time so that at least it is more than 30 minutes after my food intake.. errmm my personal trainer cum hubby was with me, remember... safety first, he said ;p

after the 2nd dive, i decided to stay at the lower deck, in front of the boat because i don't feel so good. got IR stamped and signed my dive log book. and just sat there by myself, enjoying the scenery. about a few minutes before we arrived, IR asked if i want the CD of the pictures that he took. most expensive that i have ever paid for a CD of pictures and videos.. but, it is worth it! loved them all!! 

will i come back to dive in phuket?? you bet!! i will plan with my dive buddies.. and i might try liveonboard? ;)

and owh.. guess what... i did not float up this time.. yey! so, next time i must remember to pull that thingy at the back of my bcd.. :) and each time i need one gotta find the one with i don't know what it's called but to take out more air out of my bcd from the back? :) thanks IR for the guides :))

these are some pictures from IR's camera :) 

the box fish.. i told joelis, i saw a fish that looks like a banana :p

some pictures taken with my canon 500D
that's IR :)  taken just before we leave the boat

the upper deck... clean huh :) thumbs up!


that's my joey :)


AnneRaini said...

wahhhh..amazing..seriusly sy sgt takut air so i don't think i will dive.haha