Wednesday, January 23, 2013

kerenah org ke gym #2

loved the 2nd class of zumba. and yesterday i decided to join the banghra... hahaha... it was fun.. and i couldnt stop myself from giggling while doing the banghra dance.. wehh penat hokehh!! but after 2 classes.. my stamina is getting much better! lovin it.. mana nak goyang bahu... nak goyang punggung... pinggang... hehehe :D 
when i arrived at the gym counter there was 1 lady looking so upset.. i don't know what happened earlier lah... but she looked pretty upset.. and her way was rude. just ask nicely, cannot aahh? and at the changing room, she was with another friend looking at the schedule... with masam face... monyok..  tak puas hati... and in the class sibuk nak ajar cikgu.. boleh? :p hmmmm


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ memacam kesah kan..

Ein said...

itu laa... selalu akak senyum sendiri jer kat changing room tu...