kerenah org ke gym #1

i was thinking of this the other day... last week actually. this is the first time i join as a member in to a big gym. normally i go to small gyms, rm5 per entry coz i am not a discipline person. the thought of not going to the gym ritually and paying rm160 a month is a waste of money. i was contemplating.. it took me almost half a year to make up my mind... but since the package was interesting... i decided to join. moreover, kaiser has been too busy for me. and the gym is 5 mins walk from my office.. so i guess i'd give it a go... ermm no... i don't pay rm160 a month. i paid rm1500 for 12 + 2 months. and i got another month FOC because they did not launch on time. :) rm100 per month.. ok lah... anyway... 
there were a few of excited ladies going to the gym. and i heard these conversation at the changing room.

L1: huh... class starts at 530pm? our office pun finish at 6pm! how to make it?
L2: yeah laa..

hemmm.. takkan orang nak bukak gym pasal ko sorang kut... if you cannot make it for the 530pm... there are classes at 6pm.. or at 7pm.. or at 8pm... few other options there :p 


~ sape org org tuh kak?? teeettt..!
Ein said…
haha akak tak kenai pungg...

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