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by - January 16, 2013

i think this is how i feel right now. i have been truly busy.. meetings after meetings until i cannot even get to do stuff at my own workstation. alhamdulillah God has make it quite easy for me, for us. He has given me the strength and patience to take up whatever challenge that He is giving me. i am not saying everything is easy going, no. but it is just that, despite all that, there is a way out of it? i am not sure if i have explained it right here..but i am feeling okay :) happy.. relaxed although tired... yes! very tired.. when i get back i really feel i want a live in maid. 

hemm an idea... i just need someone to settle things for us. the laundry.. and kids do not have to feel tired too. urrmmm... clean up the house... but if i were to do that, kids will not be independent, right? oh well... we'll just do it lah...

sorry all, it seems that i am blabbering..hehhee :D i decide to come up to the office earlier than usual coz i thought i want to sleep...but i think i'd better blog before my engine starts at work.. is going to be my very first zumba class...i really hope i have the energy for it!! 

2013 - is definitely going to be a great year for all of us :) insyaallah...

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