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hmm.. aarr.. errr...

ini lah jadi nya kalau dah lama tak ber blogging.. seriously people... i am seriously busy.. and owh.. some of you might say, busy tapi masih ada time for twitter.. for FB...for insta..and blog-walking... yes... memang lah boleh selit2, but setakat nak focus on writing a post... it needs concentration and the right mood.. :) if you are a blogger, perhaps you would agree with me. lain lah, if you just post whatever that could be whatever and you don't care whether it could be interesting or not.. but then again.. interesting to me doesn't have to be interesting to others too, right? hemm ok... so this time, i am just gonna write semua skali.. hehehe ready???
last week, on a friday, i went to work in the lrt... and guess whom i met??? taraaa!!! nak panggil uncle.. umur dia pun lebih kurang i jer... hehehe :D so... yeah... i saw him got into the lrt.. as usual, when i got stunned, i tend to stare.. hehehe sorry bro.. tak sengaja... masa tu, memang terasa je nak approach and ask,…

Think positive people!

Choose your friends wisely...

Airmata Rasulullah saw

Tiba-tiba dari luar pintu terdengar seorang yang berseru mengucapkan salam. 'Bolehkah saya masuk?' tanyanya. Tapi Fatimah tidak mengizin kannya masuk, 'Maafkan lah,ayahku sedang demam, kata Fatimah yang membalikkan badan dan menutup pintu. Kemudian ia kembali menemani ayahnya yang ternyata sudah membuka mata dan bertanya pada Fatimah,'Siapakah itu wahai anakku?' 'Tak tahulah ayahku, orang sepertinya baru sekali ini aku melihatnya,' tutur Fatimah lembut. Lalu, Rasulullah menatap puterinya itu dengan pandangan yang menggetarkan.Seolah-olah bahagian demi! bahagian wajah anaknya itu hendak dikenang.
'Ketahuilah, dialah yang menghapuskan kenikmatan sementara, dialah yang memisahkan pertemuan di dunia. Dialah malaikatul maut,' kata Rasulullah, Fatimah pun menahan ledakkan tangisnya. Malaikat maut datang menghampiri, tapi Rasulullah menanyakan kenapa Jibril tidak ikut sama menyertainya.
Kemudian dipanggilah Jibril yang sebelumnya sudah bersiap di atas lan…

kerenah org ke gym #2

loved the 2nd class of zumba. and yesterday i decided to join the banghra... hahaha... it was fun.. and i couldnt stop myself from giggling while doing the banghra dance.. wehh penat hokehh!! but after 2 classes.. my stamina is getting much better! lovin it.. mana nak goyang bahu... nak goyang punggung... pinggang... hehehe :D  when i arrived at the gym counter there was 1 lady looking so upset.. i don't know what happened earlier lah... but she looked pretty upset.. and her way was rude. just ask nicely, cannot aahh? and at the changing room, she was with another friend looking at the schedule... with masam face... monyok..  tak puas hati... and in the class sibuk nak ajar cikgu.. boleh? :p hmmmm

kerenah org ke gym #1

i was thinking of this the other day... last week actually. this is the first time i join as a member in to a big gym. normally i go to small gyms, rm5 per entry coz i am not a discipline person. the thought of not going to the gym ritually and paying rm160 a month is a waste of money. i was contemplating.. it took me almost half a year to make up my mind... but since the package was interesting... i decided to join. moreover, kaiser has been too busy for me. and the gym is 5 mins walk from my office.. so i guess i'd give it a go... ermm no... i don't pay rm160 a month. i paid rm1500 for 12 + 2 months. and i got another month FOC because they did not launch on time. :) rm100 per month.. ok lah... anyway...  there were a few of excited ladies going to the gym. and i heard these conversation at the changing room.
L1: huh... class starts at 530pm? our office pun finish at 6pm! how to make it? L2: yeah laa..
hemmm.. takkan orang nak bukak gym pasal ko sorang kut... if you cannot …

alhamdulillah, ayoh bertambah sihat

i cannot stop thinking of ayoh... :'( but  however, the news that i received from KAni lifted some of my worries. alhamdulillah :)

get well soon ayoh

ayoh = dad, father, ayah, bapa mok = mother, mama, ibu
for those who are getting confused :p joelis' dad is from kelantan, so that is how kelantanese calls a dad. 
18th jan 2013: i was up getting ready for school when lisa knocked on my bedroom door. as soon as i opened the door, she looked like she just finished crying. 
lisa: ma, jom balik kelantan! me: hah? buat apa? surprised with her request early in the morning. i thought she was joking. 
when lisa showed me the sms from her dad. my head felt so warm immediately. it was somehow like an SOS call that our support is needed. i have to think fast. kaiser was still sleeping. i have to wait for him to wake up first. my head was spinning thinking of how to tell him, that we want to go to kelantan. i checked the flight info for that day. got a bbm from my mom, she wants to go too with with, it's gonna be 5 of us.
when kaiser woke up, and right after he's out of the bathroom... i told him
me: sayang.. we've got to …

something fun...

let's talk about something more fun rather than thinking of the shit this morning... there you go... :p i was hungry and wanted to eat nasi lemak... but kaiser was at klsentral... and he called me immediately after i texted him on my breakfast plan... there goes my nasi lemak... huwaaa... and roti canai?? out of the list too. nasi lemak has 500 calories??? and it takes about 4 hours on a treadmill to burn all those calories??? damn!!!
so... i had french toast & milo :p not that perfect because it was on a white bread... and aahh whatever lah... it was shitty because of the conversation that i had with kasier.. it just pissed me off.. ermm but to think about it, i wasn't upset.. i just need to get the message across. i believe that he will absorb what i said and he will make changes... if not.. then... come what may... track there :p as back on the fun part... remember i was telling i went to a 'zumba' class..? end up it wasn't really zu…

Pain everywhere :p

Time now is 1040pm. My lower body aches after an hour of zumba. Hmm I wouldn't call it zumba actually. It was more of group fitness + dance. How was it? ка̴̴̴̴̴̴͡K lah.. The steps were easy to follow. Maybe the instructor made it too easy so that everyone can follow?

Ohh by the way, it wasn't only for ladies. It was a mixed class which I think is more fun! :) maybe someday they will make like intermediate class or beginner class?

Anyway, it wasn't only me who has body aches. Joey too it seems. He had rugby yesterday and only felt it today. And I think he has some kind of allergy to sit on the grass? His who legs became itchy.

I am so sleepy... Can I sleep now..please?

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i think this is how i feel right now. i have been truly busy.. meetings after meetings until i cannot even get to do stuff at my own workstation. alhamdulillah God has make it quite easy for me, for us. He has given me the strength and patience to take up whatever challenge that He is giving me. i am not saying everything is easy going, no. but it is just that, despite all that, there is a way out of it? i am not sure if i have explained it right here..but i am feeling okay :) happy.. relaxed although tired... yes! very tired.. when i get back i really feel i want a live in maid. 
hemm an idea... i just need someone to settle things for us. the laundry.. and kids do not have to feel tired too. urrmmm... clean up the house... but if i were to do that, kids will not be independent, right? oh well... we'll just do it lah...
sorry all, it seems that i am blabbering..hehhee :D i decide to come up to the office earlier than usual coz i thought i want to sleep...but i think i'd bett…

hello everyone

hye hye hye semua... i am so sorry to those who came back here but there are no updates.. getting too packed at work. anyway, just want to update everyone that all winners have claimed their giveaway, although ada yang lewat, but for this time, i allow it ;) *wink* enjoy the top up ;)
now, back to work... lots of activities lining up. 

Phuket Dive Trip 14th Dec to 18th Dec 2012

current mode: very very down... so, i am going to divert my sadness to something that i really really love... --> diving :) as usual it gives me that cooling calming effect. so, let's start...
i noticed know that i will always get what i want, and alhamdulillah, i got what i wanted just before i end 2012 :) that is dive trip. remember when i posted about i missed the bali trip with all my diving buddies? well, i then told myself, i must go for at least 1 dive before i end the year 2012. and yeahh... i went to phuket. 
for the first time since 2008, i went diving alone - as in, without anyone that i know. was i nervous? hell yeahh... and for the first time - i puked!! shite!! but... i have a good looking dive buddy :) ahah!! getting there ... getting there... and owhh.. this was also the first time that i have with me, joelis and kaiser. errmm this may be the first and last that i brought kaiser along. why? because i get sick when he is around. he complaints about this, that etc…