Tuesday, December 11, 2012

what causes my migraine

ok let me just state one by one... offlate i have been getting migraine attacks. i know i have been thinking a lot. well who doesn't? but then again, i know that this could be something beyond my capability of thinking? i worry too much maybe? hemmm let us just break them one by one? 
it is coming soon and i am worried that kaiser and joelis might get into arguments. when that happens, holiday will not be fun. 
  • solution
    • need to talk to kaiser to be more patient and refrain from doing sarcastic jokes that kids do not understand or cannot accept.
    • need to talk to joelis to be patient and do not provoke any situation.
office work:
project has started but as usual office politics sucks!! big time.. and there are a few of us going off for holiday, meetings cannot be done because there are not enough people. 
  • solution:
    • still have the meeting but get my assistant to attend.
    • or, have the meeting after i get back from my holiday.
    • write a memo to carry fwd the budget? 
the sort of joint venture/partnership/sleeping partner/contributor-ship or whatever you wanna call it, is not well managed. i don't want to get into detail so that i don't hurt anyone's feelings. i dumped in thousands of RM into the business and foreseeing that i might not get back a single cent? i am frustrated because even by having some part of share into the business, i have nothing to say. no ideas accepted whatsoever... and when the business did not go well, i lost! talking about rm20K here okay! 
  • solution:
    • redha????? with rm20k?? hmmmm 

domestic issue:
kaiser and joelis when they get into misunderstanding... my heart will beat so fast that i feel it coming out. if say something to kaiser..joelis will think that i back him up... if i do the same to joelis, kaiser will think the same... argghhh.... i am a fair person!! i do what is right, whether you are my husband or my kids.. if you are wrong, you are wrong lah...
  • solution:
    • talk to each of them - and what?? 
so now you know why i get migraine often?? :)