Tuesday, December 4, 2012


before i proceed - truth hurts.. but it is the truth. 

i learned a lot of this while being active in the networking business. about whom you should mix around with, and how some people's behavior might affect you. as a person, you should be strong enough to not get affected? or get influenced by them? somehow, at times, i do understand that at certain situation, you cannot avoid mixing with some of 'these' people. 

so, in summary... recently i 'had' to be around 'certain' type of people that just pissed me off with their ignorant or stupidity or silliness  but maybe they are not exposed to smarter stuff just yet, so, be it lah... it's just apa tuh.. an insult to my intelligence? heh heh :D *double sigh*

yang tak tahan tu...[eh cakap melayu pulak] some of them bercakap macam 'wahh aku lah yang betul & bagus' not realizing that even the meaning of certain word pun tak paham! adeh lah... 

hmm i am so getting annoyed right now. maybe it's the time of the month that i have become extra sensitive? 

just do not ask stupid question... boleh tak?? or don't act like you are a big boss that you need a balachi to do errands for you!!