Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fitness tips today :)

Hmmm a reminder for me! I love getting these tips via email. Now its entirely up to you and me..  To do or NOT to do..

Fitness Tip: Weight Loss Real Facts - To lose weight you should cut out 500 calories per day. All you have to do is bump up your activity and shave off a few calories.

To increase activity every day:

  • jog for 25 minutes (225 cal.),
  • swim for 30 minutes (230 cal.)
  • or bike for 45 minutes (233 cal.).

To lose calories, cut out:

  • 1 small order of French Fries (210-290 cal.),
  • 1 individual size bag of chips (304 cal.) or 1 medium (24 fl. oz.) soda (291 cal.).

*Calorie burning estimates are based on a 170 pound person.

It's always good to start with something, right? :)

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