Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ella & azhar wedding reception

i actually forgotten about their reception. i do read about celebrities but rarely post about their activities unless it really really attracts my attention and i feel worth it for me to write about them :) i dislike gossips and i don't spread bad stories about others (insyaallah).

anyway... ella... i started to follow her insta... a simple lady :) saw her once way back in 2008 when i attended the Glam Dinner at Palace of The Golden Horses. She's actually small size...hehhee :D and yeahh... she is the manja2 type :) 

but anyway, i really love her wedding reception pictures... for an over 40 year old lady, she has aged beautifully!! and ayu :) love her pics and she looked really happy! 

congratulations ella & azhar, may you both be blessed, and live happily ever after... ameen :) 

picture source: beautifulnara.