Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Allah works in wonderful ways..

seriously, it was a challenging day yesterday. kerja kat office tak payah cakap lah kan... so anyway, straight to the point. i had an appointment in bangsar yesterday. after the appointment i had to go through a bad traffic along jalan maarof. i was so hungry and tired. bought subway for joey as requested. i so wanna be home fast. 

idiot bikers: being stuck in the middle of traffic always makes me uncomfortable. crazy bikers ride the bike like they own the road. no matter how safe you drive, these idiots are still as they are. so, for the 2nd time in a week, a biker hit my side mirror. just that this time, i was calmer than few days back. i slowly wind down my windscreen, pull back my side mirror while looking at the bike's plate number! it's WUK7756!! you blardy idiot :p 

surat layang: so, done on the biker story, i got home, had delicious dinner with joelis and my parents... helped to clean up the kitchen - we went home.. and guess what i saw? a note from a neighbor. somehow maybe because i was so tired, i get upset easily. i knew that the neighbor sent it in general. lisa said they might send to all neighbors. well, yeahh.. but still, at least, put an extra line there, "i am sorry if it wasn't you but i send this to all" right? my hand was already shivering in anger! i called kaiser.. i tried to upload the picture on fb, and guess what.. after a few tries, it failed to be uploaded... now i am glad it did not go through ;) 

so, i phoned kaiser.

me: sayang, are you still working?
kaiser: ermm almost done, why?
me: i got home and saw this note.
kaiser: yes... i saw that already.
me: i am so angry.
kaiser: yeahh we did not do.
me: of course not! that is why i am angry. how can they simply accuse us of that?
kaiser: what do you want to do now?
me: i want you to come home now, and we see the neighbour.
kaiser: hmmm why me? you go and see laa... heh heh heh *his usual laugh in any situation! hokehh*
me: i don't care, you must come now!
kaiser: yes..yes.. i am already at the front door you pussy! heh heh... :p
me: owhh.. ermrm ok... *hang up*

"i think you better ask our kids first if they throw any rubbish out of the window", kaiser suggested. "no! our kids are civilized people and i don't teach them such behavior!" i protested. "yes, i trust our kids also but better we ask before we simply scold our neighbor" kaiser insisted. 

"lisa!!!" i called my daughter. "you don't have to scold her, just ask nicely" kaiser commented the way i called lisa. "girl, did you ever throw any rubbish out of your window?" i asked. "no" lisa said. "ma, i think they send to all neighbors lah." lisa tried to stop me from going to the neighbor's house. "that's what i just told your mother" kaiser added. "well, i still wanna go because they need to know that it wasn't us!" i insisted "and YOU are going to do the talking because you are the mat salleh and you are the cerewet person" i put in on kaiser. "but i am not angry, you are!" kaiser refused. "i don't care!" i said. "haiyahh this woman!" hehhehe :D

so we went down... bla bla bla.. met the neighbor. kaiser gave salam. and true enough they sent to all neighbors because they keep on getting cigarrete butts thrown down. kaiser told them none of us smoke in our house and we do not throw stuff down. our neighbor apologized and shook hand with kaiser. :) i just told him that we get offended by getting such note. and he apologized again. 

hemm... i was really surprised to see the calmness of kaiser's face handling the situation. i was so pissed off man.. my hands were shivering trembling! but he was so calm and full of smile.. hehehe :D when normally, all the while, he will be the hot tempered one. :) :D aahhh.. i feel so good :D hehehe :D Allah works in wonderful ways that He gives me a person to compliment me, when i am being ridiculous ;) hehehe... 


Snuze said...

It's good that he balances you ... beautiful.


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ ehehehe..rileks kak..rileks..ehehehe

Ein said...

thanks Snuze :) kannn...