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Winner(s) for 'join ainkalam's rm30 top up give away'

akak excited.... akak announce malam ni jugak lah!!! boleh?? hehehe :D

hahahaha LOL :D belum start, nak gelak dulu... selepas balik dinner dari rumah my parents, akak pun bergegas balik rumah. dalam kereta explain kat joey what he needs to do. hehee tak sangka joey pun excited nak mengundi.. ahak ahak... so, berikut ada lah steps2 yang kami buat untuk mendapatkan pemenang... and guess what??? we have 3 winners!!


Pemenang must contact me via email at secepat mungkin atau latest by 12 noon,  2nd Jan 2013. 
Kalau pemenang tak contact, kira burn ya. 

Pemenang please provide the following to me dalam your email reply, sebab I akan buat direct top up for you via MBB2U. :)

i) Handphone No: 
ii) Line apa: Maxis ke, Celcom ke...

Kalau salah bg hp number, I tak bertanggungjawab ya. Sila pastikan itu adalah hp no yang hendak di top up.

p/s: pada yang tak berjaya tu, jangan sedih2 ye.. insyaAllah, ada rezeki, akak buat lagi giveaway... nak tak? 

join ainkalam's rm30 top up give away - officially closed

Dear Blogger Friends

I hereby announce the join ainkalam's rm30 top up give away rm30 is officially closed coz now dah lepas 12 tengahari. Pada yang i belum update dalam comments tu, don't worry... memang ada nama you all. InsyaAllah I akan update the blog names ya.. so far masih ada 56 comments pending. Kalau ada double entry, I masukkan satu je ye. 

This is what I am going to do tonight with my son's (Joey) assistance :)

First Step:
We will have an undi to decide, berapa orang yang akan dapat top up ni. Kerana, pada awalnya, I tak bagitahu berapa orang yang dapat kan... up to maximum 3 orang ya :) 

Second Step:
Undi siapakah para bloggers yang bertuah itu.

Third Step:
I akan announce in my blog on 27th Dec 2012. Pemenang must contact me via email at latest by 2nd Jan 2013. Kalau pemenang tak contact, kira burn ya. 

Forth Step:
Pemenang please provide the following to me dalam your reply, sebab I akan buat direct top up for you via MBB2U. :)

  • Handphone No: 
  • Line apa: Maxis ke, Celcom ke...

Kalau salah bg hp number, I tak bertanggungjawab ya. Sila pastikan itu adalah hp no yang hendak di top up.

Well, I guess... that is all... good luck you all :)

And thank you all so much for joining this giveaway!!

join ainkalam's rm30 top up give away

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wahh!! sape nak? sape nak?? i am in the mood of giving ni... dah hujung2 tahun kan... :D so, siapa siapa yang nak join.. 
sila la ikut syarat2nya ya...

  1. copy & paste banner di atas, di blog posting anda.
  2. letak title posting tu "join ainkalam's rm30 top up give away"
  3. heheehe :D jangan lupa letak link ke blog akak... akak pun lupa daaa... (tq orochi) :p  
  4. nak follow boleh, tak follow pun tak pe :) 
  5. letak link posting anda di bahagian comment posting ini supaya akak tau anda ikut giveaway ni.
tarikh tutup: 26th december, 2012 jam 12 tengahari.

apa yang akak akan buat, akak akan kumpulkan link anda, dan suruh anak akak, joey pilih secara rawak.. ala2 undi dalam balang tu :) okay? kita mulakan dari sekarang!

tak kisah la, anda pakai apa2 nombor pun.. akak akan top upkan untuk yang berjaya :)

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Tuesday blabber

kalau kawin dgn PT macam ni la... pergi mana2 dia mesti pakai fitness pants, boley? :P hmmmm
Let me begin with wishing all those celebrating Christmas a very merry and happy Christmas. ..enjoy the festive with your loved ones. :)

To those joining the giveaway, I have been reading your blogs names but have not publish them yet because i have to write down the names on the lucky draw notes.. ada 1 hari lagi ok!! :) thank you so much for joining.

I am at the hair saloon right now and was reading this one magazine.. ada artis kata dia spend rm2k untuk kecantikan and she can earn rm20k a month! Wahhh banyak betul pendapatan artis ni eh... cuma I was thinking.. pengorbanan is the privacy.. boring dowhh pergi sana sini orang perhatikan..unless you are someone who likes the attention lah kan... but sampai bila?

Next.. ok ok sorry I tengah dok summarize everything sebab dah lama tak blogging :p busy bercuti..nak cerita banyak... nanti ye.. I update on my trip to phuket. ..dive best! Dapat buddy handsome pulak tuh hahahha..jeles si kaiser tu..tapi tak ngaku :p kelasss you.. 

Okehh till the next blabber... take care semua ya.. esok start kerja!

Sekeping gambar dengan kaiser kat phuket... ;)

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Allah works in wonderful ways..

seriously, it was a challenging day yesterday. kerja kat office tak payah cakap lah kan... so anyway, straight to the point. i had an appointment in bangsar yesterday. after the appointment i had to go through a bad traffic along jalan maarof. i was so hungry and tired. bought subway for joey as requested. i so wanna be home fast. 

idiot bikers: being stuck in the middle of traffic always makes me uncomfortable. crazy bikers ride the bike like they own the road. no matter how safe you drive, these idiots are still as they are. so, for the 2nd time in a week, a biker hit my side mirror. just that this time, i was calmer than few days back. i slowly wind down my windscreen, pull back my side mirror while looking at the bike's plate number! it's WUK7756!! you blardy idiot :p 

surat layang: so, done on the biker story, i got home, had delicious dinner with joelis and my parents... helped to clean up the kitchen - we went home.. and guess what i saw? a note from a neighbor. somehow maybe because i was so tired, i get upset easily. i knew that the neighbor sent it in general. lisa said they might send to all neighbors. well, yeahh.. but still, at least, put an extra line there, "i am sorry if it wasn't you but i send this to all" right? my hand was already shivering in anger! i called kaiser.. i tried to upload the picture on fb, and guess what.. after a few tries, it failed to be uploaded... now i am glad it did not go through ;) 

so, i phoned kaiser.

me: sayang, are you still working?
kaiser: ermm almost done, why?
me: i got home and saw this note.
kaiser: yes... i saw that already.
me: i am so angry.
kaiser: yeahh we did not do.
me: of course not! that is why i am angry. how can they simply accuse us of that?
kaiser: what do you want to do now?
me: i want you to come home now, and we see the neighbour.
kaiser: hmmm why me? you go and see laa... heh heh heh *his usual laugh in any situation! hokehh*
me: i don't care, you must come now!
kaiser: yes..yes.. i am already at the front door you pussy! heh heh... :p
me: owhh.. ermrm ok... *hang up*

"i think you better ask our kids first if they throw any rubbish out of the window", kaiser suggested. "no! our kids are civilized people and i don't teach them such behavior!" i protested. "yes, i trust our kids also but better we ask before we simply scold our neighbor" kaiser insisted. 

"lisa!!!" i called my daughter. "you don't have to scold her, just ask nicely" kaiser commented the way i called lisa. "girl, did you ever throw any rubbish out of your window?" i asked. "no" lisa said. "ma, i think they send to all neighbors lah." lisa tried to stop me from going to the neighbor's house. "that's what i just told your mother" kaiser added. "well, i still wanna go because they need to know that it wasn't us!" i insisted "and YOU are going to do the talking because you are the mat salleh and you are the cerewet person" i put in on kaiser. "but i am not angry, you are!" kaiser refused. "i don't care!" i said. "haiyahh this woman!" hehhehe :D

so we went down... bla bla bla.. met the neighbor. kaiser gave salam. and true enough they sent to all neighbors because they keep on getting cigarrete butts thrown down. kaiser told them none of us smoke in our house and we do not throw stuff down. our neighbor apologized and shook hand with kaiser. :) i just told him that we get offended by getting such note. and he apologized again. 

hemm... i was really surprised to see the calmness of kaiser's face handling the situation. i was so pissed off man.. my hands were shivering trembling! but he was so calm and full of smile.. hehehe :D when normally, all the while, he will be the hot tempered one. :) :D aahhh.. i feel so good :D hehehe :D Allah works in wonderful ways that He gives me a person to compliment me, when i am being ridiculous ;) hehehe... 

a great day - insyaallah

thinking positive... or at least must make it an effort to think positive.. i am so happy today when i received quite a number of responds from fellow bloggers supporting my giveaway. for your info, this is my 2nd giveaway. my 1st giveaway tidak mendapat sambutan langsung... huk huk... :"(  but it's okay lah.. lesson learned... 

so, today when i get to my laptop.. i jot down all the blogs link and put them in a box for joey to select when the date is due :D hehehe aku pulak yang semangat. 

so, guys and girls... keep on blog walking and do spread the word around.. i will be on a long holiday soon, i hope when i get back, i will have more participation, okay! ;)

these are the names already collected and in the box! do you see your blog name? :)

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what causes my migraine

ok let me just state one by one... offlate i have been getting migraine attacks. i know i have been thinking a lot. well who doesn't? but then again, i know that this could be something beyond my capability of thinking? i worry too much maybe? hemmm let us just break them one by one? 
it is coming soon and i am worried that kaiser and joelis might get into arguments. when that happens, holiday will not be fun. 
  • solution
    • need to talk to kaiser to be more patient and refrain from doing sarcastic jokes that kids do not understand or cannot accept.
    • need to talk to joelis to be patient and do not provoke any situation.
office work:
project has started but as usual office politics sucks!! big time.. and there are a few of us going off for holiday, meetings cannot be done because there are not enough people. 
  • solution:
    • still have the meeting but get my assistant to attend.
    • or, have the meeting after i get back from my holiday.
    • write a memo to carry fwd the budget? 
the sort of joint venture/partnership/sleeping partner/contributor-ship or whatever you wanna call it, is not well managed. i don't want to get into detail so that i don't hurt anyone's feelings. i dumped in thousands of RM into the business and foreseeing that i might not get back a single cent? i am frustrated because even by having some part of share into the business, i have nothing to say. no ideas accepted whatsoever... and when the business did not go well, i lost! talking about rm20K here okay! 
  • solution:
    • redha????? with rm20k?? hmmmm 

domestic issue:
kaiser and joelis when they get into misunderstanding... my heart will beat so fast that i feel it coming out. if say something to kaiser..joelis will think that i back him up... if i do the same to joelis, kaiser will think the same... argghhh.... i am a fair person!! i do what is right, whether you are my husband or my kids.. if you are wrong, you are wrong lah...
  • solution:
    • talk to each of them - and what?? 
so now you know why i get migraine often?? :) 

Monday, December 10, 2012

joey bercerita lagi

dah lama tak dengar joey bercerita kan? sebab sekarang ni joey dah besar. he is turning 13 in 2.5 weeks.. wow how time flies. jadi sekarang ni joey dah ala2 bujang gitu... kalau aku tanya sepatah, dia jawab sepatah... kadang tu kalau aku tanya pun dia macam acuh tak acuh je jawab. sedih jugak.. tapi malas nak gaduh2 jadi aku biarkan aja dia dengan dunia minecraft dia tu. asalkan dia tak buat benda2 yang tak sepatutnya, aku dah patut bersyukur dah. 

anyway, last weekend was daddy's turn to be with joelis. it is not easy to get daddy's time. joelis have been waiting. it was a lonely weekend for me but i guess i learn to deal with it :) and quite boring especially when kaiser works during the day. 

so anyway last sunday, joelis came home at about 1045pm. lisa looked really tired. she asked me if she can stay up to read, i told her to go straight to bed.. and guess what, not even 5 minutes after that when i entered her bedroom, she was already fast asleep :) 

unlike joey.. he was playing with this little bug that he bought at the toyrus. i entered his bedroom and disturbed him. i asked him how was his weekend. and he started to tell me how much he enjoyed himself.. playing boardgame.. going to the movie.. what happened in the cinema.. about some people who he thinks are poyo at the ice skating ring.. and i asked him about khalish. i love listening to stories about how they spend their time with their little brother. :) hehee :D know what, actually if i need to babysit khalish to be with joelis, i don't think i'd mind. :) well anyway, joey was telling how khalish messed up the room.. and joey scared him by saying 'i will eat you' hehehe :D and knowing that joey's voice now is rougher than before...hehehe i can imagine when khalish ran behind their dad.. while joey telling me all this, he closed his eyes.. it's so funny... mulut pot pet pot pet... tapi mata tutup... and it was more than 30 minutes that he tells me all this stories.. 

i am sure joelis had a lot of fun.. wish they could do this more often :) spending time with daddy - if this makes them happy... 

istanbul aku datang - my personal review

kadang-kadang aku fikir... betul ke aku ni dah 40 tahun? errkk!! hahaha ... ye la pn ain oyy... this is reality... chop chop... jangan pulak korang rasa aku tak dapat menerima kenyataan? sebenarnya aku tak kisah pun. maksud aku, semua orang gets older. the most important thing is how you grow old? what achievement that you've got.. ;) faham? ehh... sudah larik topic daa...

anyway ini ada kaitan sebenarnya dengan posting aku hari ni. korang jangan tak percaya. time aku tulis ni, dah 4 kali tengok citer ni... well, 2 kali tgk betul2 and 2 kali sambil dengar2, sambil buat kerja lain. serious best citer ni :)

mula2 gang2 mak2 dalam wassap aku dok citer... aku tak ambik pot sangat. kenapa? honestly, aku tak minat any of the pelakon dalam citer tu. i am not a fan of lisa surihani sebab aku rasa dia berlakon suka jerit2... high pitch and aku bingit.. and maybe, her lakonan yang first aku kenal dalam citer ombak rindu..kureng sikit kut.. and next, beto kusyairi... selalu aku dengar nama tu i.e. baca nama tu... pun aku tak amik pot.. adakah kerana dia kurang sasa? haaha...chill chill.. siapa2 peminat tegar kat luar tu jangan amok dulu ya... ini MY personal review... jangan emo :p 

so, bila aku tanya lisa, dia kata i might not like it because my level of love story is #adamhawa... so apa sangat la citer ni... and guess what?? she was wrong! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! hehehe :D 

cerita dia kelakar, light, bersahaja and owhhh sweet menyentuh kalbu okay... dan ya... aku nangis la tengok citer ni... walaupun aku dah agak yang si azad tu mesti ada gf lain... ye lah kan.. takkan la gf datang jauh2 awak buat dek jer... layan pun acuh tak acuh jer... 

and si dian ni... omg... kalau korang nak tau... adik aku yang bongsu.. ha macam si dian ni lah.. dengan kecoh nya.. kalut nya... pot pet pot pet nya... and stylo nya... hahhhaa :D aku dah tengok citer ni 4 kali kan... aku tersengih jer tengok si dian nih.. cuma dian ni cool lagi lah compared to adik aku.. 

si harris pulak...omg i so love his coolness and aku cakap muka si beto ni muka jawa lah.. eheheh :D jangan marah... jangan marah... aku pun jawa hokeh... :p cara dia bercakap dalam citer tu...adeh la... meruntun kalbu gitu :p 

aku suka, bab2 yang depa gaduh.. depa naik scooter chomel tuh... depa ala2 picnic dengan family omar.. and yang  part aku nangis tu part masa harris basuhkan rambut dian lepas dian finds out azad ada awek lain... 

and owh... lisa cakap dengan aku... dia bengang sebab kawan2 azad tak bagitau dian yang azad ada awek lain... so i told her, 

"brotherhood among guys memang sangat kuat. and they will not bocorkan rahsia apa2 tentang kawan diorang kat saper2 walaupun gf atau bini!! kena amik tau tu..."

so, untuk korang yang suka cinta budak2 muda... citer yang lite and easy...touching.. tengok lah istanbul aku!

this movie telah mengakibatkan aku nak tengok lagi citer2 yang ada lakonan lisa surihani and beto :)

hmmm bila la laki aku nak ajak aku pi istanbul nih... lisa sure suka.. :p

Sunday, December 9, 2012

i can do this...

written on: 6th dec 2012

hmm... how do i start this? i have already cried moments ago. if only i have a few copies of myself, it might help, so that i can divide them into a few portion :) i) work ii) for joelis iii) for kaiser iv) for my parents v) for me... but then again, it is all wishful thinking. not even realistic to think about it. i feel like i am running out of time... i am aging so fast and i feel like there are a lot of things more to do. i want to do more for the whole family.. planning for my kids etc... etc... who do i grow old with? let's take one step at a time.

i used to blog about how happy i am/was... my outings with joelis... my conversation with kaiser whom i called AD back then :p my troubles... in summary, my feelings - challenges - ups and downs... i should do that again... starting now? ;)

right now, i am in my not so down mode but more of a concern mode. when you read this, please do not judge any of us. because, personally you do not know any one of us :) so... but this is my feelings right now.

kaiser has a very strong character. he is like born in the years when my parents were born. not actually that old but the way he was brought up. people who have heard this from me, might say that i am giving him excuses for him to be how he is. let me get things straight, "i am not" but i am merely explaining on how i have understand him and accept him - not totally but some of his flaws. why? because i am the adult. his flaws are him being a stubborn donkey, and sarcastic. he jokes at all time but when people make a joke of him, he will get upset :p hahaha :D donggoi!! 

as his wife, i know in general that things that he does is for the family. he is a responsible husband and stepfather for joelis. strict? yes... flexible? difficult at times :/

the issue here is about the communication between him and joelis. kaiser and i are totally different in bringing up children. he is from the ancient [LOL] and i am more modern in communicating. he is from the authoritative world and i am not unless i need to be. 

joelis are growing up. i see the changes of character in them. 

joey is more quiet simply because he doesn't talk much, especially not about nonsense of things that he is not interested in. his world is the internet - 9gag - minecraft..etc... which i am not that worried because i trust he will not do such things that is not right for his age. once in a while i would steal his time and take him away from his laptop :) 

lisa can be quiet and can be cheerful. she can be moody, cranky and clumsy. but she is being the eldest and  she has been a responsible daughter and caring loving sister to joey. at times she can be stubborn too. 
so where is the issue? 
the issue is when they have misunderstanding, i will be caught in the middle. 3 of them are stubborn in their own ways. most of the time, i will try to talk senses into them, in separate times. but how long do i need to do this? and 3 of them at times have different thinking about each other. 

kaiser felt that joelis hate him... and guess what?? there could be truth in it which i just learned last week? how do you think i feel? someone that i love is being hated by another person that i love too? 

each time they have a confrontation, i try to explain... and it wasn't an easy job. i guess it is eating me up. i am just exhausted to be the middle person. **double sigh**

we are going off for a holiday soon which i am looking forward too. one thing about kaiser, no matter how busy he is, he would still think of going for a holiday with us, as a family. doesn't that shows how much he cares for the family? at times i would test him quietly, and he passed my own private test on him. 

i really hope that we will have a great time for our holiday. Ya Allah... please help me... i pray for their calmness with each other :) and with the trip, we will be closer as a family. ameen...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bila boring...

Joelis are with their dad this week... so terus boring. Now watching movie for the 2nd time...Istanbul aku datang... best :). . Oh wait..the review comes later okay. ;)

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Stop chasing...

@IslamicThinking: When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you. #islam #think

Have a good weekend everyone! :)
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Friday, December 7, 2012

heh heh busy :p

when i thought i am feeling so bored.. it seems that i get so motivated after attending today's meeting on transformational project :p ahahaha :D then i jot down every one of the items need to be done. 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

wordless wednesday #1

On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn’t need any description. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


before i proceed - truth hurts.. but it is the truth. 

i learned a lot of this while being active in the networking business. about whom you should mix around with, and how some people's behavior might affect you. as a person, you should be strong enough to not get affected? or get influenced by them? somehow, at times, i do understand that at certain situation, you cannot avoid mixing with some of 'these' people. 

so, in summary... recently i 'had' to be around 'certain' type of people that just pissed me off with their ignorant or stupidity or silliness  but maybe they are not exposed to smarter stuff just yet, so, be it lah... it's just apa tuh.. an insult to my intelligence? heh heh :D *double sigh*

yang tak tahan tu...[eh cakap melayu pulak] some of them bercakap macam 'wahh aku lah yang betul & bagus' not realizing that even the meaning of certain word pun tak paham! adeh lah... 

hmm i am so getting annoyed right now. maybe it's the time of the month that i have become extra sensitive? 

just do not ask stupid question... boleh tak?? or don't act like you are a big boss that you need a balachi to do errands for you!!

ella & azhar wedding reception

i actually forgotten about their reception. i do read about celebrities but rarely post about their activities unless it really really attracts my attention and i feel worth it for me to write about them :) i dislike gossips and i don't spread bad stories about others (insyaallah).

anyway... ella... i started to follow her insta... a simple lady :) saw her once way back in 2008 when i attended the Glam Dinner at Palace of The Golden Horses. She's actually small size...hehhee :D and yeahh... she is the manja2 type :) 

but anyway, i really love her wedding reception pictures... for an over 40 year old lady, she has aged beautifully!! and ayu :) love her pics and she looked really happy! 

congratulations ella & azhar, may you both be blessed, and live happily ever after... ameen :) 

picture source: beautifulnara.