Wednesday, November 14, 2012

what has he done to me?

remember my plan to watch adam & hawa? i delayed the plan but it happened anyway :) and now, i cannot get adam mukhriz out of my mind. i must keep on reminding myself that that kind of man only exist in movies or dramas. yes, it affected me that hard!!! and what else... things that i should not do, start la nampak flaws kat kaiser. another reason why kaiser would not let me watch too much drama. he said i will get affected and i will go ku - ku...hahahah :D 

aaron aziz and nadiya did really well in the series. in fact all of them are good in each others' characters.   so i guess the scriptwriter did a very good job and so did the director. the way they talk are so real and natural. their faces expressions. the joke that they did.. in fact almost everything...just made me float in the air!! OMG!! can i have an adam mukhriz please??? well actually, kaiser is as macho...and good looking.. hehehe :D cuma tak kaya macam adam mukhriz lah kan... where can you get a perfect package like that? handsome, smart, has sense of humour, rich, he prays ~ most important, knows his responsibility as a husband etc etc... conclusion, such man is only in movies.... ein,... wake up!!!

i love the part when ain hawani's car broke down at the universiti... adam came with a mechanic... and how he brought himself.. like, "look, i am the hubby... let me do my thing" hahahha :D OMG!!! i am so in love!!! you guys just need to watch this... it is the new phenomena after nora elena by aaron aziz. 

yesterday..somehow, i missed kaiser so much..guess what i did?? urmm well, since i was too caught up with adam mukhriz, i forgot to appreciate who is in front of me... who else? no other than my hubby la... kaiser... so, yesterday... as i was going out of the house with joelis, coincidentally kaiser came home early... i hugged him and kissed him as much as i can.. hehehe :D muahahaha :D 

my adam...shown below :p ok jugak per.... :D hehehe... no?


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ eeeeeeeeeee poyos..!! syium laki pung nk gtau org ka..ahahahaha..!!! bueekkk..!! :p

Ein said...

akakakaka :D antara kerja busdus... :P ihik..ihik... ye laa... kaghang akak tulih cium laki orang kang... terkejut!! haaa... !! :P :P

orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ huihhhh..berani ka tulih nk syium laki org..?? ahahaha..!!!

Ein said...

berani!!! akak cium laki mak akak... wakakakakaak :D

orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

ceyyy..tuh darah daging..tak masuk list arr kak..