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stop labeling people!!

by - November 05, 2012

i seriously dislike statements like this simply because it is such a judgmental statement.

"perempuan yang menutup aurat belum tentu baik
tapi perempuan yang baik dia pasti menutup aurat"

i must agree that all women must cover their aurat as informed by everyone although, honestly i still do not understand where and why it says in the qur'an and which i am still in the learning phase. but is it necessary to have the above statement? does islam teaches their followers to be judgmental towards other followers? 

menutup aurat tapi hati busuk... dengki, khianat, is that what you wanna call or titled them as "tapi perempuan yang baik pasti menutup aurat?" ohh puhlesss... this just pissed me off!! being a good muslim is not only menutup aurat okay, adab is utmost important which most people forgot about it... just because they tutup aurat, they are done??? gosh... God knows how black their heart can be...

it is not fair to generalize, but just stop it lah... meluat la aku baca!!
bersihkan hati anda... dan yang lain2 akan turut bersih... STOP labeling people!!

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