something wrong with the machine...

enough with my angau with adam mukhriz... that man does not exist. back to reality ain!! wake up!. i am at the hair saloon right now treating my hair.. and browsing the internet at the same time.

i had a shock just now when i weigh myself at the gym. 56kg??? damn it!! it cannot be true!!i am so depressed : this cannot be happening... just that 2 days ago when i measure my thigh it was big.. huwaaaa.. where did it go wrong?

so, now i am sad... what do i do about it? ermmm i don't know... mayday mayday!!! hmm i strongly believe there is something wrong with the machine!! i cannot be that heavy... :


~ 56kg heavy eh kak...?? mesti akak akan jawab.."yela..dari mata seorang fitness..ehehehe" :P
Ein said…
heavy for me.. yes.. and tak payah dari kacamata fitness :p :"(

for my height, the ideal weight is 55kg... i am 1kg above tau! selalu kalau akak dah reach 53kg.. mmg dah gelabah... tapi... ini..??? aarghhhh tidak!!!!

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