Sunday, November 25, 2012

neglecting my blog

looking at my own blog, i felt the emptiness... how boring it has turned to be. nonetheless, my life has been so exciting as ever! great things happening around me. alhamdulillah. i have been busy with work and family - who isn't? heerrmmmm... and to add with my 'adore' with adam mukhriz... ahahahaha :D :p relax...relax... jangan meluat dulu :p kih kih kih... 

well anyway... this was supposed to be a short post... but ehhh... the mood is here pulak... anyway... in summary... event in the office is done, alhamdulillah. i have a great team at the office, double alhamdulillah. i will post other exciting moment for last week later okay. office event..., my darling husband's birthday that i just celebrated yesterday.. sorry darling, had to work on the day itself. and now.. looking for a holiday package.. which is suddenly so boring... i don't know.. i am not that patience anymore.. kaiser wants to go to phuket and i want to go to bali. joey wants to go to bali... lisa? i don't think it matters to her.. she will just follow along :) 

so... where are we going now??