my baby got 'hit and run'!

first of all to the person who bang into my car and ran... you are such an asshole and coward!! if you are a man, you really have no balls!! and if you are a woman, you'd better just keep your car at home and walk...blardy biatch!! 

okay, done with exploding... :p 

now, remember yesterday when i was so excited to go to the gym after work? well, i did... until when i reached the parking lot... i saw my car was dented!! and scratched!! i was stunned for a few seconds... (it showed on the police' cctv) heheeh :D and the 1st person i called was wids... hmmm.. adehhh... it hurts my heart so deep you know :p *drama mode*

ye lah... so all my plan to go to the gym crashed as i need to be at the police' room to view from see the cctv.. well actually from outside glass window coz i am not allowed to enter the police' room. ok lah.. whatever... what is done, cannot be undone... cctv cannot see the person who crashed into my car. so i guessed i just need to bear the cost which is of course painful for me :"(


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