Friday, November 16, 2012

i blame it on you!

perasaan ini sudah sukar untuk dibendung... aku sentiasa terbayangkan raut wajah adam mukhriz.. dah kalau pandang laki sendiri pun nampak adam mukhriz, tak ke parah namanya?? i blame it all to adam & hawa.. when before this i did not think that i can be so affected by it. tapi tak apa, i know this is temporary.. macam jugak zaman nora elena dulu kut.. and i must say that all actors and actresses played their character well... memang well done lah!! thumbs up for all of them. i was 'advised' by AS that i should watch 'ngorat' because after watching that, then maybe my feelings towards aaron aziz  ehhh... i mean, adam mukhriz..will not be this strong. :p silap pulak.. hehehe :D

so last wednesday, as i got back from the office...

kaiser: did lisa buy the movie on astro?
me: huh? what movie?
kaiser: i don't know, i change channel, i saw 'brave' on the movie channel.
me: owhh.. ha'ah.. yeah.. she bought that..
kaiser: what movie is that?
me: cartoon, animation.. something like that lah..
kaiser: owh.. hmm not so mine.. 
me: ummpph.. eh.. sayang..
kaiser: hmm?
me: i need to buy movie also lah.
kaiser: what is with both of you buying movies?
me: you don't understand.
kaiser: yeahh.. what i don't understand? you want to buy the drama lah?
me: he he he.. :D yes..
kaiser: why?
me: because it has aaron aziz in it! *with that smiling face grinning actually*
kaiser: ahh ya ya ya..
me: no, sayang... you need to understand this. i need to watch 'ngorat' to neutralise my feelings for that i don't think of him so much like now..
kaiser: oh ya.. it is that important to you?
me: heee :D yes..
kaiser: ahh ok.. *muka fed up - malas nak layan*

hahaha :D


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ *fed-up* gaks nk layan..ahahaha..!!

Ein said...

ihik.... :p