i am so scared...

i was having a meeting when i got an sms from lisa... which reads

"Marini to Mama - The secret is out of the box. Over" 

and my respond was


err.... i am so scared right now. i dare not call kaiser... ermm okay this is what i did... i bought a new fridge, and a new vacuum. yes, i have this errmm tendency of buying when i am stressed.. errkk... my heart is beating so fast... :p

lisa asked me to call kaiser... i told her "mama takut" hehehee :D "ek eleh..." she said.. so, i just sent him an sms.
so, when i saw the smiley... i felt a lil bit better although i know he will nag like i don't know what... tahan telinga je lah... and yeah... true enough... he nagged for about 5 minutes... and then he started to talk about his day at work... so, kena la aku dengar kan... sebab dah bersalah! ahakss :p

perghhh legaaa.. phewww.. btw... pssttt he doesn't know about the vacuum yet :p ahahaha


~ wooo..jahat nya akak nih..!! ahahaha..dosa la..dosa..ahahaha..!! (kasik bakar sket) ahahaha..klako..dh wat salah dah tentu² takot yg amat kan..ehehehe

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