Tuesday, November 6, 2012

huh? where's the instructor

i think i will save the time on my 6 meals a day by you, checking out my transformation journey blog :) half of the day, i smsed kaiser to ask if he has time to coach me at the gym. unfortunately he was busy as he had classes till 10pm. so, i checked my dancercise class...there's zumba at 615pm! question is... can i make it? hmmm... i wassaped my 2 younger sisters and ask if they wanna go. and N4 said there is a trial class for zumba at kde. so i thought, for a change., why not?

so, i rushed home, fetched joelis, get dinner... i just took protein shake coz i don't wanna be heavy jumping up and down... reached kde very early... before 800pm! semangat tuh... so we both waited... for almost half hour.. there were about 8 of us ladies in total.. and after waiting that long...guess what???

there was a miscomm...instructor is not coming?? gggrrrr.... gerammmnya!!! i don't know whose fault... but if you are an instructor, please la don't do this to your students/participants. they come all the way to exercise and in the end frustrated!
ada rasa macam nak buat macam ni tak??