Tuesday, November 20, 2012

alhamdulillah - upsr result is out

joey was so calm before the day that the result was going to be announced. i don't know what's in his mind. told him to prepare the school uniform on the night before so that we don't rush. told him to call his dad.. hmm itu pun nak kena ingatkan.. and he didn't know what to say... aparaa... that morning we went for breakfast first at diva restaurant, setiawangsa. by 930am, we arrived at joey's school. it was raining. we dropped joey off first because we need to find a parking spot.

as we were walking into joey's school compound
lisa: ma, i don't know how you really feel inside but you looked really composed. i don't know if you manage it well or you are calm.
me: well, i don't know how i feel actually but i think, by all those nightmares that i have, it shows subconsciously how i feel? *giggle*
lisa: hehehe *giggle*

and we walked, hand in hand to the school :)

i was very very nervous, that i can hear my own heartbeat. lisa was next beside me... i held her hand.. she was so relaxed.. first the teacher informed us, how many students got 4As and how many achieved 5As. they announced the 1st student who got 4As... and my tears came running down, it was joey's best friend. when they are done with the 4As, i was still nervous. not that i don't have the confidence with my son's ability. it is just that he has been asking me if he gets 4As or 3As... errmmm...

one by one was called...and suddenly...'ilham jauhari b mohd kamal'!!! i was like "alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah!!" and i cried again... heheheh :D and i hugged lisa beside me... my dad was happy too, seated 1 seat next to me. i went to joey... and as usual, he doesn't hug me back... :P control macho lah tu kan... menci!

next was to bbm and sms... my mom and sisters... :)

me and my son :) hehhe :D happy nya!!
lisa & joey :)

KFC - atok ajak after the result to celebrate :)
joey and his daddy :) sengih je bapak dia nih...


Mrs.MH said...

Congrats joey!

orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

congrats again joey..!! :-) mesti ur mom very proud of you kan kan kan..