adam dan hawa - aku yang ketinggalan

ok ok... enough of adiputra :p now, it's aaron's time okay... :p heheh :D if you have been watching the above drama series you will understand the am and ain fever :p i had my breakfast at the pantry this morning and it seems that i was the only one not watching. why? i don't have that channel.. and for me to download is errmmm just lazy... and my internet connection is not that fast. so, in the end, aku lah yang ketinggalan :p

so, since ada 'tokan' peminat tegar adam & hawa yang mengumpul after downloading it i think i can spend my time in my bedroom watching it from episode 5 to 40 :D yeyoohhhh... :p i am sure kaiser will bebel... so while he watches the english movie at our hall... i can watch adam & hawa privately...wahhh.. aku yang happy sekali gituu...
kunun-kunun aku lah tu.... macam la besor sangat tv aku kan :p 


~ kita serupa kak!!
Ein said…
akak dah terjebak!!!
Makbed said…
Ohh noooo!!

Hai kak ain.
Ein said…
haah... dah angau tahap maximum ni... adeh laa... tolon...tolon..

hi 'makbed' :) kita dah lama jadi your silent reader :p
Makbed said…
yeke kak. tenkiu.. saya dah folo. rajin-rajin lah hapdet.

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