Friday, November 30, 2012

happy friday everyone!

it has been a full day today... lots of things happened.. happy, awful, fun, people say sarcastic things.. hehhee :D but... these made me smile... :) watched really early in the morning after kaiser left for work.. adam & hawa ep 56... yey.. :D hehhee

are you crazy enough like all of us? :p

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

breaking dawn part II - my personal review

the day that we (lisa and i) have been waiting for.. unfortunately, on the day it was showed, i had to work late. so, lisa suggested that i book the tickets online for the next available time that i have, so, it was on a saturday. the nice thing about staying where we are right now, it is only a walking distance to the mall and cinema. so, okay... the movie was 2 hours, and still i felt too short! it just filled up 2 hours of my time, and not even a second that i feel bored. hmmph.. people might say because i am a crazee fan of the twilight saga! we both really enjoyed the movie... the fight.. the love... the family ties.. the relationship between the vampires and wolves...everything... every vampires that they gathered has different powers. and here are some that i copied from various blogs/websites on their review for which, i feel the same :) but they wrote it better ..heh! :p 

i heard (from lisa) and also read it from the internet, there are scenes that they did not follow the book :) so, there... element of surprise which was done excellently! 
The movie follows Stephenie Meyer’s book closely, up until the point where Alice (Ashley Greene) enters the climactic scene to defend vampire-human hybrid Renesmee’s (Mackenzie Foy) existence. She presumably shows Aro (Michael Sheen), through her thoughts, that she knows there is no threat and thus Renesmee and the Cullens should be left alone. But then she realizes that it doesn’t matter — Aro wants a fight no matter what. She mouths “now” to Bella (Kristen Stewart), who sends Renesmee off with Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Then Aro gives an order, and the Volturi guards take Alice away. Trying to protect his daughter, Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) charges after Aro. Sadly, the vampire-doctor loses his head to the Italian ruler, sparking the battle between the two sides. Many end up dead, including Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Jane (Dakota Fanning),Caius (Jamie Campbell-Bower), Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Aro — who is killed by Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella themselves. However, right after Bella finishes the Volturi’s leader off — the scene changes, and we’re back to Alice and Aro touching hands.
Such trickery! Alice was just showing Aro what the future would have been if the two sides fought — because of Bella’s super special mind shield, the Cullens and co. were on equal footing with the Volturi. A battle would mean losses for everyone. 

when they took Carlisle's life... took off his head... i was already crying... and shouted, "NO!!! Carlisle!!" and Lisa was stunned. and from there they started the fight. Lisa was too disturbed by Carlisle's death that she wasn't really watching the fight! the fight was awful... Leah and Seth died too!! :( and at the end of the fighting.. i was cursing like hell!! 

and you people out there... please GO and WATCH!! i know Lisa is going to watch again, maybe with Joey this time. 

it is highly recommended! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

i am so scared...

i was having a meeting when i got an sms from lisa... which reads

"Marini to Mama - The secret is out of the box. Over" 

and my respond was


err.... i am so scared right now. i dare not call kaiser... ermm okay this is what i did... i bought a new fridge, and a new vacuum. yes, i have this errmm tendency of buying when i am stressed.. errkk... my heart is beating so fast... :p

lisa asked me to call kaiser... i told her "mama takut" hehehee :D "ek eleh..." she said.. so, i just sent him an sms.
so, when i saw the smiley... i felt a lil bit better although i know he will nag like i don't know what... tahan telinga je lah... and yeah... true enough... he nagged for about 5 minutes... and then he started to talk about his day at work... so, kena la aku dengar kan... sebab dah bersalah! ahakss :p

perghhh legaaa.. phewww.. btw... pssttt he doesn't know about the vacuum yet :p ahahaha

Sunday, November 25, 2012

neglecting my blog

looking at my own blog, i felt the emptiness... how boring it has turned to be. nonetheless, my life has been so exciting as ever! great things happening around me. alhamdulillah. i have been busy with work and family - who isn't? heerrmmmm... and to add with my 'adore' with adam mukhriz... ahahahaha :D :p relax...relax... jangan meluat dulu :p kih kih kih... 

well anyway... this was supposed to be a short post... but ehhh... the mood is here pulak... anyway... in summary... event in the office is done, alhamdulillah. i have a great team at the office, double alhamdulillah. i will post other exciting moment for last week later okay. office event..., my darling husband's birthday that i just celebrated yesterday.. sorry darling, had to work on the day itself. and now.. looking for a holiday package.. which is suddenly so boring... i don't know.. i am not that patience anymore.. kaiser wants to go to phuket and i want to go to bali. joey wants to go to bali... lisa? i don't think it matters to her.. she will just follow along :) 

so... where are we going now?? 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

alhamdulillah - upsr result is out

joey was so calm before the day that the result was going to be announced. i don't know what's in his mind. told him to prepare the school uniform on the night before so that we don't rush. told him to call his dad.. hmm itu pun nak kena ingatkan.. and he didn't know what to say... aparaa... that morning we went for breakfast first at diva restaurant, setiawangsa. by 930am, we arrived at joey's school. it was raining. we dropped joey off first because we need to find a parking spot.

as we were walking into joey's school compound
lisa: ma, i don't know how you really feel inside but you looked really composed. i don't know if you manage it well or you are calm.
me: well, i don't know how i feel actually but i think, by all those nightmares that i have, it shows subconsciously how i feel? *giggle*
lisa: hehehe *giggle*

and we walked, hand in hand to the school :)

i was very very nervous, that i can hear my own heartbeat. lisa was next beside me... i held her hand.. she was so relaxed.. first the teacher informed us, how many students got 4As and how many achieved 5As. they announced the 1st student who got 4As... and my tears came running down, it was joey's best friend. when they are done with the 4As, i was still nervous. not that i don't have the confidence with my son's ability. it is just that he has been asking me if he gets 4As or 3As... errmmm...

one by one was called...and suddenly...'ilham jauhari b mohd kamal'!!! i was like "alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah!!" and i cried again... heheheh :D and i hugged lisa beside me... my dad was happy too, seated 1 seat next to me. i went to joey... and as usual, he doesn't hug me back... :P control macho lah tu kan... menci!

next was to bbm and sms... my mom and sisters... :)

me and my son :) hehhe :D happy nya!!
lisa & joey :)

KFC - atok ajak after the result to celebrate :)
joey and his daddy :) sengih je bapak dia nih...

Friday, November 16, 2012

i blame it on you!

perasaan ini sudah sukar untuk dibendung... aku sentiasa terbayangkan raut wajah adam mukhriz.. dah kalau pandang laki sendiri pun nampak adam mukhriz, tak ke parah namanya?? i blame it all to adam & hawa.. when before this i did not think that i can be so affected by it. tapi tak apa, i know this is temporary.. macam jugak zaman nora elena dulu kut.. and i must say that all actors and actresses played their character well... memang well done lah!! thumbs up for all of them. i was 'advised' by AS that i should watch 'ngorat' because after watching that, then maybe my feelings towards aaron aziz  ehhh... i mean, adam mukhriz..will not be this strong. :p silap pulak.. hehehe :D

so last wednesday, as i got back from the office...

kaiser: did lisa buy the movie on astro?
me: huh? what movie?
kaiser: i don't know, i change channel, i saw 'brave' on the movie channel.
me: owhh.. ha'ah.. yeah.. she bought that..
kaiser: what movie is that?
me: cartoon, animation.. something like that lah..
kaiser: owh.. hmm not so mine.. 
me: ummpph.. eh.. sayang..
kaiser: hmm?
me: i need to buy movie also lah.
kaiser: what is with both of you buying movies?
me: you don't understand.
kaiser: yeahh.. what i don't understand? you want to buy the drama lah?
me: he he he.. :D yes..
kaiser: why?
me: because it has aaron aziz in it! *with that smiling face grinning actually*
kaiser: ahh ya ya ya..
me: no, sayang... you need to understand this. i need to watch 'ngorat' to neutralise my feelings for that i don't think of him so much like now..
kaiser: oh ya.. it is that important to you?
me: heee :D yes..
kaiser: ahh ok.. *muka fed up - malas nak layan*

hahaha :D

Thursday, November 15, 2012

something wrong with the machine...

enough with my angau with adam mukhriz... that man does not exist. back to reality ain!! wake up!. i am at the hair saloon right now treating my hair.. and browsing the internet at the same time.

i had a shock just now when i weigh myself at the gym. 56kg??? damn it!! it cannot be true!!i am so depressed : this cannot be happening... just that 2 days ago when i measure my thigh it was big.. huwaaaa.. where did it go wrong?

so, now i am sad... what do i do about it? ermmm i don't know... mayday mayday!!! hmm i strongly believe there is something wrong with the machine!! i cannot be that heavy... :

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

what has he done to me?

remember my plan to watch adam & hawa? i delayed the plan but it happened anyway :) and now, i cannot get adam mukhriz out of my mind. i must keep on reminding myself that that kind of man only exist in movies or dramas. yes, it affected me that hard!!! and what else... things that i should not do, start la nampak flaws kat kaiser. another reason why kaiser would not let me watch too much drama. he said i will get affected and i will go ku - ku...hahahah :D 

aaron aziz and nadiya did really well in the series. in fact all of them are good in each others' characters.   so i guess the scriptwriter did a very good job and so did the director. the way they talk are so real and natural. their faces expressions. the joke that they did.. in fact almost everything...just made me float in the air!! OMG!! can i have an adam mukhriz please??? well actually, kaiser is as macho...and good looking.. hehehe :D cuma tak kaya macam adam mukhriz lah kan... where can you get a perfect package like that? handsome, smart, has sense of humour, rich, he prays ~ most important, knows his responsibility as a husband etc etc... conclusion, such man is only in movies.... ein,... wake up!!!

i love the part when ain hawani's car broke down at the universiti... adam came with a mechanic... and how he brought himself.. like, "look, i am the hubby... let me do my thing" hahahha :D OMG!!! i am so in love!!! you guys just need to watch this... it is the new phenomena after nora elena by aaron aziz. 

yesterday..somehow, i missed kaiser so much..guess what i did?? urmm well, since i was too caught up with adam mukhriz, i forgot to appreciate who is in front of me... who else? no other than my hubby la... kaiser... so, yesterday... as i was going out of the house with joelis, coincidentally kaiser came home early... i hugged him and kissed him as much as i can.. hehehe :D muahahaha :D 

my adam...shown below :p ok jugak per.... :D hehehe... no?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

adam dan hawa - aku yang ketinggalan

ok ok... enough of adiputra :p now, it's aaron's time okay... :p heheh :D if you have been watching the above drama series you will understand the am and ain fever :p i had my breakfast at the pantry this morning and it seems that i was the only one not watching. why? i don't have that channel.. and for me to download is errmmm just lazy... and my internet connection is not that fast. so, in the end, aku lah yang ketinggalan :p

so, since ada 'tokan' peminat tegar adam & hawa yang mengumpul after downloading it i think i can spend my time in my bedroom watching it from episode 5 to 40 :D yeyoohhhh... :p i am sure kaiser will bebel... so while he watches the english movie at our hall... i can watch adam & hawa privately...wahhh.. aku yang happy sekali gituu...
kunun-kunun aku lah tu.... macam la besor sangat tv aku kan :p 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

breaking dawn - part II

lisa: ma, during PMR, 2 weeks is so fast... but now, to wait for this, it feels soooooo long!
me: hehehe :D macam orang bercinta lah kan... 
lisa: hehehe :D

we both are hooked on this... i guess we both can watch the earlier series over and over again till kaiser gets bored...ermm like we care?? :p lisa is in love with edward again... and whoever that she has a crush on now does not matter anymore... it is just edward... :)

showing on 22nd november 2012

donation for teratak rahmat

we will never know where is the best place to donate... but to those places that are chosen, i am sure it will at least help to ease their burden :) so my next invitation is to donate to teratak rahmat :) why that house? no special reason... 

you can also visit their website that has links to other needs as well. do visit

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

huh? where's the instructor

i think i will save the time on my 6 meals a day by you, checking out my transformation journey blog :) half of the day, i smsed kaiser to ask if he has time to coach me at the gym. unfortunately he was busy as he had classes till 10pm. so, i checked my dancercise class...there's zumba at 615pm! question is... can i make it? hmmm... i wassaped my 2 younger sisters and ask if they wanna go. and N4 said there is a trial class for zumba at kde. so i thought, for a change., why not?

so, i rushed home, fetched joelis, get dinner... i just took protein shake coz i don't wanna be heavy jumping up and down... reached kde very early... before 800pm! semangat tuh... so we both waited... for almost half hour.. there were about 8 of us ladies in total.. and after waiting that long...guess what???

there was a miscomm...instructor is not coming?? gggrrrr.... gerammmnya!!! i don't know whose fault... but if you are an instructor, please la don't do this to your students/participants. they come all the way to exercise and in the end frustrated!
ada rasa macam nak buat macam ni tak??

Monday, November 5, 2012

stop labeling people!!

i seriously dislike statements like this simply because it is such a judgmental statement.

"perempuan yang menutup aurat belum tentu baik
tapi perempuan yang baik dia pasti menutup aurat"

i must agree that all women must cover their aurat as informed by everyone although, honestly i still do not understand where and why it says in the qur'an and which i am still in the learning phase. but is it necessary to have the above statement? does islam teaches their followers to be judgmental towards other followers? 

menutup aurat tapi hati busuk... dengki, khianat, is that what you wanna call or titled them as "tapi perempuan yang baik pasti menutup aurat?" ohh puhlesss... this just pissed me off!! being a good muslim is not only menutup aurat okay, adab is utmost important which most people forgot about it... just because they tutup aurat, they are done??? gosh... God knows how black their heart can be...

it is not fair to generalize, but just stop it lah... meluat la aku baca!!
bersihkan hati anda... dan yang lain2 akan turut bersih... STOP labeling people!!

maharku untukmu - my personal review

tenang.... tenang... hhhehe :D yes yes... i am a fan of adiputra.. simply because he is a simple and friendly guy. and ok.. no doubt, he is the 'tall, dark & handsome' which at least it works for everyone! ermm i hope he is really tall.. :p 

so anyway, the review that i wanna make is on a 'new' drama that was actually a rerun?! ye ye jer aku letak kat my scheduler.. rupanya citer lama... but it's okay lah... i love both of them...adiputra & nabila shuhaimi or also known as abil. :) abil is one cool young mommy! she is cheerful and she's good in acting too. 

i missed a few minutes of the drama since kaiser and i were already watching a movie on cinemax. 

Maharku Untukmu (re-run on 4th nov 2012 tv3 9pm) 

adiputra - putera (driver)
nabila - tg aisyah
norish karman - tg marina
rahim jalani - tg hamid
iqram dinzly - tg ariff

the story is about a muslim, rich family who doesn't practice islam. i believe there are people who are like this. and norish karman who acted as the mom, sounded scary to me. the words that she says.. it just resembles some people out there... well anyway... rather than typing the whole story's synopsis, i found a wonderful blog that writes about it :) 

i like the way abil talks in the drama, it is like she wasn't acting.. she was natural.. and adi in the drama, he was cool as ever. it is difficult to find a man like putera in the drama. dah la jadi pak sanggup because tg aisyah (abil) was already pregnant, penyabar pulak tu... kena pukul marah dengan bini... isk isk... (garangnya kamu abil!) hehehe :D 

conclusion, i like the drama... and memang tangkap leleh lah... although i was hoping that putera wakes up from his coma... :"( huk huk... 

as usual, laki aku sure kutuk kan... biasa lah, dia kan tak romantik :p hahaha jeles lah tuhh.. :p

Sunday, November 4, 2012

forget you - sh'bam

sh'bam is something new for me... was introduced to me by someone last week. i have been reading on the internet and i think sh'bam is slightly more relaxed than zumba which to me is more aggressive. for some zumba participants, they may 'kutuk' sh'bam. as for me, i like it both.. but i think sh'bam is more for me because the movements are more relaxed. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

my baby got 'hit and run'!

first of all to the person who bang into my car and ran... you are such an asshole and coward!! if you are a man, you really have no balls!! and if you are a woman, you'd better just keep your car at home and walk...blardy biatch!! 

okay, done with exploding... :p 

now, remember yesterday when i was so excited to go to the gym after work? well, i did... until when i reached the parking lot... i saw my car was dented!! and scratched!! i was stunned for a few seconds... (it showed on the police' cctv) heheeh :D and the 1st person i called was wids... hmmm.. adehhh... it hurts my heart so deep you know :p *drama mode*

ye lah... so all my plan to go to the gym crashed as i need to be at the police' room to view from see the cctv.. well actually from outside glass window coz i am not allowed to enter the police' room. ok lah.. whatever... what is done, cannot be undone... cctv cannot see the person who crashed into my car. so i guessed i just need to bear the cost which is of course painful for me :"(