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untuk 3 hari - my personal review

by - October 29, 2012

the promo was dahsyat :) and i am a fan of afdlin shauki.. his jokes are always selamba :) so, after watching the promo over and over again, i decided to send a message to D and told him i want to purchase astro first for 2 days and i will pay for it. :)

the 1st time watching it, i went..."what the heck??" and of course it was an unfair opinion because i watched  only from the last half hour of the movie.. hehehe :D relaks relaks... :p so i waited for the next movie time and watched from the beginning. 

in summary, it was an easy movie :) funny... cute... vanida imran was sweet... and shidee looked like a bit boyish, the way he acted... but it was okay :) and afdlin was selamba as usual :) and the rasa kesian was there for him :) hehe :D but i think, afdlin can do better... the dialogue was real lah... and like everyday conversation :) 

as for ayu raudhah, i think because of the not-so-nice stories about her, i tend to dislike her or her acting.. yeah i know it is not fair, but that is how i feel :) ermmm make up on vanida's face was a bit too thick that i can see that the make up artist tried so hard to cover her scars from pimples :)

conclusion: best tengok... ringan story... simple and sweet :) i like the house that afdlin bought for him and his wife in that movie...

and owh... for the record, i was already in the car that shidee drove :) ... tak caya? hehehe check it out...

yo bebeh.... like the ride? :) the car that shidee used. 

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