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pipe burst!

by - October 04, 2012

i was exhausted... i don't know what/why/how but eversince we moved to a new office premise, the brain works 24-7 :p hahaha so by the time i got home.. too tired to do everything.. i am so in need of a live-in maid... please... at least during the weekend... no? :'( anyway, this is what happened last night. 

came back from my parents' house late.. as usual. luckily kaiser has washed the clothes. so i just needed to hang them at the balcony. then i collected the whites... told lisa to add up from their laundry basket. for whites i would normally soak them first, so it will take a longer time for the cycle to end. somehow, i dozed off on the sofa... i heard kaiser came back but my eyes lids were too heavy to open.. seriously tired... kaiser told me that the washing machine has stopped. i told myself.. ahh i will sleep for a few more minutes before i hang the clothes. 

and i had a dream... that my house was flooded... and i heard this loud sound of water gushing out from somewhere.. i woke up...looked at the wall clock, 12.40am and while still drowsy i was thinking, "why is lisa showering at night?? and why is the shower so loud??"

i checked the kids bathroom... dark.. ehh? and i heard the sound is getting louder... i thought i was still dreaming.. went to the kitchen... followed the sound... OMG!!! my kitchen floor is all flooded!! almost coming to my dining hall!! i panicked... what first came into my mind was getting electrocuted!! scary thoughts!! 

the water came from the main pipe connected to the washing machine.. it burst out because another connection to the washing was broken... so since the pipe was not switched off, it puts pressure to the pipe and burst!

went to my room, wake kaiser up... hehe :D kesian dia.. he was really in deep sleep... but i cannot do this alone... :( 

i wanted to take pictures of the actual flood but since we both were busy cleaning and mopping... takut.. :p nanti kena marah pulak dengan kaiser... hehhehe :D orang sibuk mengemop, aku sibuk dok amik gambor pulak kannnn... so, only after cleaning up picture is shown here.. heh heh :D

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