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my inspiration and my aim

by - October 24, 2012

my inspiration :) if she can do it, so can i :)

of course she is much younger... but i like her body :)

let's get things straight. i don't need you to judge me. so, if you feel that i am whatever for having such dream or aim, you can leave my blog and don't ever come back :) and, what i am doing is NOT because i am married to a personal trainer. in fact by being married to one actually helped me in getting what i want to achieve. it is NOT easy... i have my own cravings and stubbornness :D (is there such word?) 

i don't give a shit if you don't like muscular bodies on a woman. i am not aiming to be muscular, just that i wanna be lean :) been reading that word ever since.. heh heh.. less fat.. YES... when i saw my body when i did that yoga stunt, i can see the ugliness of excess fat on my back - which is one of the area i'd like to work out on.
she has a nicer back compared to mine
look at the excess fat on my back... :(
so... ermmm i will blabber more later2... 

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