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my 1st yoga attempt

by - October 19, 2012

i must keep the momentum moving... took a day off the gym on thursday because the whole body aches! hence on friday, i must do something.. so, wanna try yoga?? what?? me?? yoga??

what do i expect? me, falling asleep.. hah hah hah... exaggeration really.. well actually, i do not know what to expect but maybe it could be boring because i would prefer something more aggressive. when my friend invited me and 2 other mommies to join her for yoga session at her house.. i took some time before i agreed to join. 

the music, yeahh a bit boring... but honestly, i didn't really have the time to listen because i was listening more to the instructor's voice giving instruction :) heh heh... and who would have guess that i can do half head stand!?? LOL :D it was funny... but yeah... not bad lah... i can see the fat!!! danggg... 

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