Tuesday, October 2, 2012

me? no blogging??

oh wow... it has been... how many days?? i want to... but gotta finish lots of work first.. nope.. no break in between this time... some how moving to a new office just injected new energy on me! wahh... statement!! dahsyat :D :p now now now... don't get jealous.. :p yes, i miss you all too :) *perasan mode*. i was amazed with myself too for being this committed to my work after a longggg time :p hahahah :D 

but you know what... in time like this when everyone is busy at work... either busy with work or cleaning up their workstation, or clearing the boxes of documents... there is still someone who can tell people that she is busy, and yet she will be at her place reading magazine... or reading news paper... hmmm... fortunately she is not my staff... ;) or the best statement would be... she has no place to be under my wings! 


irasilver said...

Kehkeh! Folks! Obviously not me ok! :P

Ein said...

ahahahha :D sshhhh :P saper makan cili, dia terasa pedas... ahaks... and for the record.. not you :p