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lisa's special time

by - October 12, 2012

somehow lisa requested that i take leave while she sits for her PMR. since i do have a few days leave for this year, i took a few days off... but i still come to the office half of the day in the morning. still have some things to get done. bla bla bla... something that i have not thought that i would do. i kinda enjoy it. in the morning i go to the office and lunch time, i will be at the school to be with her. not that we do things together pun. she will be there, in front of me, studying with her friends. 4 mommies, including me, chit chat.. heheh :D not bad lah... then while she sits for her exam, i will be at the surau, praying. hmmm.. confession, this year, i performed solat hajat the most.. heheehe #achievement. alhamdulillah and may i get to do more in future, insyaAllah. one more day to go and Lisa can partayyy!! yey... and so can mommy... hahha :D

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