introducing my new journal

my way of getting or keeping myself motivated. i created a new blog as my journal on my working out activities. (like i don't have enough work to do lah kan... :P) i have a target that i made myself... due in 12 months from now. i have a few pictures that i took from a website that kaiser introduced to me. i find them very inspiring. so... here goes... let's see which blog i'd update most :p errmmm... perhaps, i will update less on my gym posting here. so, if you are also/more interested to know the updates of my working out activities, feel free to visit:

motivational comments are most welcome!


~ kak..bule manage ka? hopefully bule la eh..nor sokong dr depan..bakang..kiri kanan..atas dan bawah..ehehe.gudluck kak!
Ein said…
thanks nor aka orochi sebab sentiasa menjadik penyokong moral akak! :)

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