Friday, October 26, 2012

hotel transylvania - my personal review

joey has been wanting to watch this movie. well ummm... i am not so much a movie/cinema fan... normally i would ask joey or lisa to go with their dad. but currently their dad is sort of neglecting them. yeahh... it is harsh but there is no better way to say it. i am just tired of telling him to see his children. truth is, no matter how hard kaiser is, he cares about joelis. at times even more than joelis' own flesh and blood... ahhh tired of this bull%$#7... 

back to the movie story, anyway, it was a good decision made.. that i watched the movie with joey :) i was extremely tired after a long day at the office, and workout after that... but hey... when i thought i was going to fall asleep, i did not! :D in fact i enjoyed the movie with joey :)

psstt... at first i was having this panic attack... where my heart beat so fast... because of all the creatures in the movie... sshhh... yeah i have issues with weird and huge creatures.. somehow, few minutes after that, i kinda enjoy it... it was funny... and the funny part... when everybody laughs, i just smiled.. and there was 1 part when the cinema was quiet, it was just me laughing... ermm... do i understand the joke differently? :p

i like the part where they say, dracula will say "bleh..bleh..blehh" at the end of a conversation.... hahaha LOL :D just cannot imagine edward cullen were to say that? :p muaahahaha side tracked :p and mavis, the dracula's daughter, she's cute :) 

staying somewhere near the cinema is pretty cool too... we walked down... and up :) an extra exercise for me.. and i thought i was gonna leave my legs behind!! arghhh...

it was a great bonding time with joey :)