Tuesday, October 16, 2012

blabber time

let me start with... this ofc chair is so annoying... this is coming to the 3rd week, and i have 'tersangkut' my feet a few times with my chair. arghhh.. i am in my super duper lazy mode. it is just like when your parents ask you to study, and you know you have been studying, just that, perhaps, the time that you study, your parents did not see you doing it.. so, you get annoyed when your parents ask you if you have studied. :p joey might agree to this... although as a mom, i rarely ask my children if they have studied. unless i see them really too relaxed - for which, of course, joey will get this often. simply because he is too relaxed!
so, yeahh... i have been missing my gym session... i am so super duper lazy... God knows how lazy i am... why? because i have stopped... that is why... so, you people out there... continue exercising because once you stopped, it is really really dragging to get yourself started!! okay enough about me getting lazy to the gym... for a start, i brought my gym stuff today... whether i start or not, that is another question :p heee :D

i need to stop this habit of mine... buying and not act after that. i have been buying books.. the only book that motivates me to buy are motivation books... hahahah :D but would that motivate me to read? that is... a different issue to tackle.. LOL :D for the last few months, i think i have spent like few hundred rms on books, which is good. and my magazine that i bought is not cheap because they are fitness magazine... cheywahh... do you think by buying the magazine makes you fit? yes, if you practice them, and no, if you just sit on it.. or not reading it... i think, next posting i will take a pic of the books and magazine that i bought :p hahaha :D
next blab... in search of a gym... know why? i heard our office gym will be closed down.. baru nak semangat2 kan.. and contemplating between fitness first and clark hatch. now doing my research... till then, where do i go? hmmmphh... and after reading, i think i decide NOT to join any gym... because i fall in this category!! i am just crazy and  i can be an unpredictable person and also my work schedule. oh well.. i can manage my work schedule unless i have an event. 
Hold It (Think Again!)
If you have a crazy, unpredictable work schedule or are always on the go and traveling, then having to pay for a whole month or year is just not worth it. Fortunately, if you know your schedule, then the best way to save some money is by calling up your gym or fitness center and requesting that your membership be put on hold for that month. Of course, you need to do this in advance. Last but not least, honesty is the best policy. Be honest to yourself, your bank account, and the gym about your budget. If you can’t afford the gym, don’t force it out on credit cards, loans, or increase your debt in any form.
 so... there goes.... back to square 1!

i miss going to x'treme hardcore gym. and because i have not been there for so long... i am shy to go there now. apparently there are so many people at night.. looking for times that it is not busy. hmmm...


KorN said...

huhu.. mee too also long time never go to gym.. perghh tetiba korn komen dalam english plak... ekekee... tu la sape buat entry in english.. jgn buat bhsa lain pulak lepas ni ye. ekekeke

Ein said...

hhaaha korn.. nak buat camne.. i think in english.. heheh ini pun dah macam rojak... lagipun sebab i have relatives & readers from Germany (ipar duai) yg tak ckp melayu..& kut2 la depa nak tahu perkembangan keluarga akak kan... & readers dari negara2 lain...