Monday, October 8, 2012

all the best my dear lisa

hurrahh hurrah? no, not yet... upsr is done, and now it's my princess' time for pmr. for the benefit of those who doesn't know wht PMR is, just click on.. the weekend was quite slow. nothing much i think except i made breakfast on saturday as requested by lisa. mushroom soup, garlic bread. we had tuna & mushroom macaroni for lunch and baked macaroni for tea/early dinner. the weekend started with solat hajat at lisa's school. it was a very unique and emotional night for us. i wish joey was there, but lisa's comment was, 'tak nak lah, if joey ada, lisa kena share mama' hehehe :D tamak betul anak dara aku ni. :p

anyway, all the best my darling lisa... my prayers are with you, for your success, always... :) remember to selawat before starting your exam :) 
i love it when i get the chance to be in hijab :) 
sunday, we had breakfast at nz with my parents :) then went to send clothes to laundry, groceries shopping, and owhh.. could not wash my car.. hmm ... after music class i went to damansara perdana with kaiser for my ermm training.. still thinking about it.. but i supposed it could be fun.

by late afternoon, we went to my parents' house to help make the currypuff :) hmmm have i lost touch on updating a blog? :p hhaha.. my mind is occupied... sorry.. i owe you guys my review on a new steakhouse we discovered... price wise.. ok lah... taste... ermm biasa je for me.. but ehh wait lah :p
poor girl, she dozed off while waiting for joey
to finish his lunch at BBQ Chicken :)
karipap gergasi :p hehehe for sale, so kena buat besar2 sket...
50sen satu ye... 


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ gudluck lisa!! Ciknor tau lisa bole nye!
~ kak..nanti nor dh naik keje..buatkn eh karipap..bule? Buleeee arrrr..buleee arrr..