al fatihah for aida-idris (suhaimi) aka mobilemom

here i am at 1204am sitting at my home office... just kissed lisa and joey in their rooms. 

i just could not sleep. was somehow disturbed with the news that someone i used to know just passed away due to cancer :( and she is my age... and somehow, what makes me feel more sad is when i could not find anything on her on the internet. she could have deleted everything about her. :( i knew her many years back when i was still with kamal. a cheerful lady. energetic.. and loves to shop :) i knew her as aidaidris. and i knew her as a designer.. and also a mom :) a busy mom indeed.. we never really talked but we did communicate via text/email etc.. i think i have met her and she commented on how tall i was... heheh :D cute - funny.. yeahh.. we did met... and hey.. wait... when we met, i was already married to kaiser... hmmm which means, perhaps not that long time ago.. anyhow.. her blog is known as mobilemom. but she stopped in 2007. i don't know why... right now i don't know why i am feeling this way.. in fact i don't know how i feel. *sigh* just...

al fatihah for aida... semoga rohnya di tempatkan bersama2 orang yang beriman.. and may her husband and kids be strong.. 


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