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Its so funny that when you tried so hard to do the right way and yet there is still voices telling you otherwise. Hmmm as for me, for now, my meal plan is almost a total failure.... Maybe i get only 20% of success rate... I just don't understand how people can eat like 5 times in a day... When i tried to do that i tend to eat more!! So how? Gone la my diet... And now i am so sleepyyy...

erti kehidupan bagiku

membawa diri ke perantauan. dengan harapan semoga perjalanan ini akan membuahkan kebahagiaan bagi diri aku, seterusnya buat anak-anak yang aku tinggalkan di negara asalku. 
ramai orang bilang, kalau sesebuah perkahwinan itu atas percaturan ibu bapa, ia pasti membahagiakan. itulah yang aku harapkan sewaktu aku dijodohkan dengan topan. aku terima topan seadanya. pada awal perkahwinan, kami bahagia. seterusnya kami dikurniakan 3 orang cahayamata yang comel-comel sekali. aku terus mengharapkan kebahagian itu berterusan, namun segalanya tinggal harapan dan kenangan. 
kesedihan itu bermula pabila topan mahu ke rumah ibunya, mahu melawat katanya. namun lawatan itu berlanjutan ke beberapa bulan. ternyata ibu mertuaku kurang menyenangi diriku. sungguh aku tidak faham. kalau tidak suka, kenapa dijodohkan aku dengan anaknya? ya, aku tahu, aku tidak cantik, kulit ku gelap, raut wajahku kasar. 
seterusnya, dalam diam, ibu mertuaku mengusir aku dari rumahnya. topan langsung tidak menpertahankan aku se…

my next project :)

now too busy... got to go soon... here's what i am up to... heh heh :D so looking forward for this!

carrot cake protein bar?


Serving: 2 squares
Calories: 94
Fats: 1.25 grams
Carbs: 10 grams
Protein: 10 grams

1 cup oat flour2 scoops vanilla whey protein2 tsp cinnamon1/2 tsp baking soda1/4 tsp salt1/8 tsp allspice1/8 tsp nutmegegg whites3/4 cup Splenda, Truvia, or Ideal8 oz baby food carrots4 oz water
Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix flour, whey protein, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, baking soda and salt together in a bowl. Mix egg whites, Splenda, baby food carrots and water (optional) in a bowl. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together. Spray glass pyrex dish with non-stick butter spray. Pour ingredients into dish. Bake 20-30 minutes. Makes 16 squares, 2 squares per serving.

untuk 3 hari - my personal review

the promo was dahsyat :) and i am a fan of afdlin shauki.. his jokes are always selamba :) so, after watching the promo over and over again, i decided to send a message to D and told him i want to purchase astro first for 2 days and i will pay for it. :)
the 1st time watching it, i went..."what the heck??" and of course it was an unfair opinion because i watched  only from the last half hour of the movie.. hehehe :D relaks relaks... :p so i waited for the next movie time and watched from the beginning. 
in summary, it was an easy movie :) funny... cute... vanida imran was sweet... and shidee looked like a bit boyish, the way he acted... but it was okay :) and afdlin was selamba as usual :) and the rasa kesian was there for him :) hehe :D but i think, afdlin can do better... the dialogue was real lah... and like everyday conversation :) 
as for ayu raudhah, i think because of the not-so-nice stories about her, i tend to dislike her or her acting.. yeah i know it is not fair,…

aku terima nikahnya - my personal review

actually i watched the movie on wednesday, 24th oct 2012. original schedule was the week before but since my mom was not in the mood, we postponed it :) lower down my expectation so that i would enjoy the movie better. hmmmm conclusion? 
i waited for the moment for me to 'feel' it... that feeling..just not there... honestly i was disappointed with the movie. nora was good... her usual manja2 acting... but adi seems to be afraid to let go... let go of his feelings.. and at certain times, they both were almost there, but they held back...

there is one scene at the balcony where adi hugged nora from the back. adi should have been closer to nora.. there shouldn't be a gap between his body and nora's, well that is what a normal loving couple would be... for couple who are really deeply in love.

dian p ramlee & ahmad tarmimi serigar, best :) acting yang selamba and bersahaja... i can feel mom's love when dian spoke to nora as her daughter...

my satisfaction was when…

hotel transylvania - my personal review

joey has been wanting to watch this movie. well ummm... i am not so much a movie/cinema fan... normally i would ask joey or lisa to go with their dad. but currently their dad is sort of neglecting them. yeahh... it is harsh but there is no better way to say it. i am just tired of telling him to see his children. truth is, no matter how hard kaiser is, he cares about joelis. at times even more than joelis' own flesh and blood... ahhh tired of this bull%$#7... 
back to the movie story, anyway, it was a good decision made.. that i watched the movie with joey :) i was extremely tired after a long day at the office, and workout after that... but hey... when i thought i was going to fall asleep, i did not! :D in fact i enjoyed the movie with joey :)
psstt... at first i was having this panic attack... where my heart beat so fast... because of all the creatures in the movie... sshhh... yeah i have issues with weird and huge creatures.. somehow, few minutes after that, i kinda enjoy it...…

changes in menu

i got back from watching a movie last night (will review in a different post), and started to talk to kaiser about my food intake... so... what does he think about my new food plan below?

he said, "if for people like me, it is okay. but for you, you will get pissed! because you are a rice person. so i think i found a way for you, so that you can eat your rice, but reduce weight at the same time"
there i was waiting and listening to him... sound do-able... although... rice + pineapple?? just that?? hmmm.. baik makan paceri nenas... hahahah :D but demi cita2... i must reach my target!! i must!! i will do it, although, slowly...

meal plan for tomorrow?

erkkk can i do this? no more meehoon goreng + paru for breakfast? **sigh** hmmmm.... ok, i can do this!! i can do this!! :D :p chaiyokkkk....

Day 4:
Breakfast:Lean Body MRP Shake (mix vanilla in the blender with strawberries and a banana) Midmorning Snack:Lean Body RTD Shake (chocolate) Lunch:Turkey Tenderloins (from the night before) Lentil SoupTangy New PotatoesMidafternoon:1 cup of Fat-Free Cottage CheesePeach SlicesGranola BarWater Dinner:Sweet Potato SalmonTangy New PotatoesSmall SaladFrozen YogurtWater

my inspiration and my aim

my inspiration :) if she can do it, so can i :)
of course she is much younger... but i like her body :) let's get things straight. i don't need you to judge me. so, if you feel that i am whatever for having such dream or aim, you can leave my blog and don't ever come back :) and, what i am doing is NOT because i am married to a personal trainer. in fact by being married to one actually helped me in getting what i want to achieve. it is NOT easy... i have my own cravings and stubbornness :D (is there such word?) 
i don't give a shit if you don't like muscular bodies on a woman. i am not aiming to be muscular, just that i wanna be lean :) been reading that word ever since.. heh heh.. less fat.. YES... when i saw my body when i did that yoga stunt, i can see the ugliness of excess fat on my back - which is one of the area i'd like to work out on. so... ermmm i will blabber more later2...

morning walk at ampang tasik

waahh so full of activities... best kan? ... got up early for a weekend.. why? because we have a date with 2 other mommies and 2 other girls at the park.. and joey needs to run to prepare for his 4 x 100 on monday! so, yeah... we were there... i did not run or jog... but just walk :p and cuci mata... taught one of the mommies some basic exercises. ok lah..  done with that, lisa and i had our dentist appointment and i did some extra thingy for my teeth. man... what did we have for lunch eh?? ahhhh i made pasta + mushroom soup as requested by lisa. and later i went to send my car for service. kaiser picked me up from the service center and we proceed to FIT in damansara for me to register for my class... i think i am getting much better ... i need to be in better health and good stamina for the class that i want to register... guess what... when we were there, the gym was closed... so, we went to NZ curry house and have late lunch :p before kaiser need to leave for his next class. pick…

my 1st yoga attempt

i must keep the momentum moving... took a day off the gym on thursday because the whole body aches! hence on friday, i must do something.. so, wanna try yoga?? what?? me?? yoga??
what do i expect? me, falling asleep.. hah hah hah... exaggeration really.. well actually, i do not know what to expect but maybe it could be boring because i would prefer something more aggressive. when my friend invited me and 2 other mommies to join her for yoga session at her house.. i took some time before i agreed to join. 
the music, yeahh a bit boring... but honestly, i didn't really have the time to listen because i was listening more to the instructor's voice giving instruction :) heh heh... and who would have guess that i can do half head stand!?? LOL :D it was funny... but yeah... not bad lah... i can see the fat!!! danggg... 

introducing my new journal

my way of getting or keeping myself motivated. i created a new blog as my journal on my working out activities. (like i don't have enough work to do lah kan... :P) i have a target that i made myself... due in 12 months from now. i have a few pictures that i took from a website that kaiser introduced to me. i find them very inspiring. so... here goes... let's see which blog i'd update most :p errmmm... perhaps, i will update less on my gym posting here. so, if you are also/more interested to know the updates of my working out activities, feel free to visit:

motivational comments are most welcome!


azean irdawaty semakin uzur

i am a fan of pn azean irdawaty.. since i was young... i just love her acting. sangat bersahaja and tak perlu over acting :) i just love her... when i saw her picture on the newspaper today, terus sebak. i pray that she will recover soon... and for those reading this, if you have information on how we can help her, to donate, please let me know so that i can update this post. 
source: PETALING JAYA: Penderitaan yang dihadapi pelakon Azean Irdawaty akibat penyakitLymphedema mendapat pembelaan apabila Yayasan Kebajikan Negara (YKN) bersedia membantu meringankan beban kos rawatan seniwati itu. Pengerusi Lembaga Pemegang Amanahnya, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil berkata, bantuan itu mahu disalurkan sebagai menghargai jasanya dalam bidang seni selain bersimpati dengan penderitaan yang ditanggungnya sejak sekian lama "Selepas mendapat tahu bebanan yang ditanggung Azean, saya ter…

gym failed :p

blabber time

let me start with... this ofc chair is so annoying... this is coming to the 3rd week, and i have 'tersangkut' my feet a few times with my chair. arghhh.. i am in my super duper lazy mode. it is just like when your parents ask you to study, and you know you have been studying, just that, perhaps, the time that you study, your parents did not see you doing it.. so, you get annoyed when your parents ask you if you have studied. :p joey might agree to this... although as a mom, i rarely ask my children if they have studied. unless i see them really too relaxed - for which, of course, joey will get this often. simply because he is too relaxed! so, yeahh... i have been missing my gym session... i am so super duper lazy... God knows how lazy i am... why? because i have stopped... that is why... so, you people out there... continue exercising because once you stopped, it is really really dragging to get yourself started!! okay enough about me getting lazy to the gym... for a start, i…

Happy birthday sis!

Today is my 3rd sister's birthday.. We had the usual family get together to celebrate... Heheh the funny part was when i didn't realized that the present that i got her has a snake skin design! Hahhhaaha.. Ngok la dia nih... And she dare not hold it! Can you believe that? :-P
Hope you have a great day today and many more days ahead of you.. ♥ yaah..
Ahhh i just love family gatherings.. And we are planning something else.... ;-)

Eat less tip :)

Fitness Tip: Drink a bottle of water before you eat - Carry a bottle around with you all day. If this isn't a habit you have acquired, fill a bottle about an hour before dinner and sip away. You will eat less because you feel full. It's that simple.

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I love u mama

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lisa's special time

somehow lisa requested that i take leave while she sits for her PMR. since i do have a few days leave for this year, i took a few days off... but i still come to the office half of the day in the morning. still have some things to get done. bla bla bla... something that i have not thought that i would do. i kinda enjoy it. in the morning i go to the office and lunch time, i will be at the school to be with her. not that we do things together pun. she will be there, in front of me, studying with her friends. 4 mommies, including me, chit chat.. heheh :D not bad lah... then while she sits for her exam, i will be at the surau, praying. hmmm.. confession, this year, i performed solat hajat the most.. heheehe #achievement. alhamdulillah and may i get to do more in future, insyaAllah. one more day to go and Lisa can partayyy!! yey... and so can mommy... hahha :D