Wednesday, September 5, 2012

window shopping at damaisari at wangsa melawati

this is the side of the house
front view of the showhouse - and it is for sale for rm4.6M if i am not mistaken
nice master bedroom on the top floor
pic source: internet.
hahaha guess what??? the last time kaiser and i visited a showhouse was during raya too!! heh heh :D yearly event as if.. anyway... yeah... we finally get to visit the showhouse. first we saw the buntings along the road. then we went there on a weekend. unfortunately they were closed due to merdeka weekend. and after that weekend, i visited lisa's friend's house for raya open house and i was talking to her mom... and she has visited the place... and highly recommended. price wise... waayyyyy for us to reach... unless someone accidentally generously gave us like rm4M... okay lah.... kan... :P *day dreaming*


the house was really nice... i love the kitchen... the sides of the house.. although it would be nicer if the land area was bigger.. but of course, then it will be more expensive lah... and we asked. for the showhouse, selling at rm4.6M... all in... waahhh nicee... i like... who wants to give me rm4.6M??? at least rm4.3M, enough lah... balance, i will take loan :p hahahaha :D 

love the gym in the house... the karaoke room... but since they say, no photography, i cannot snap pictures for you :( you just must go and visit the house. there are 3 types.. 

downside: no clubhouse, no playground.. hmmm might need to pay high maintenance fees minimum rm500 per month (my guess) because there are only 29 units. 

i read in some forums, people were complaining about the area being near to mosques... my opinion, if you don't like being near to a mosque, don't buy lah... don't have to yik yak about it... no one forces you to stay there anyway... as for me, i like it.. :) 

Property Information
Type of Property : 3-Storey Terraced Bungalow
Land Area : 3.85 acres
Land Size : from 40' x 80'
Built-Up Area 4,607 sf - 5,576 sf
No. of Units 29 units

24-hours manned security
Guard house and access card (subject to BDKL approval)
CCTV surveillance @ perimeter
Price Range : RM2,710,310 to RM4,466,180
Location : Wangsa Melawati, KL