Thursday, September 27, 2012

we are moving part II

i have been reading my own blog and visited my fellow blogger friends. very not like me not to blog every day.. hehe :D right? sorry, been busy... (boring with this excuse? :p) currently have a few stuff in my mind.. work of course.. the good part is, work is better :) calmer than before. why? heh heh... for me to know.. not for you to find out. nevertheless alhamdulillah for a good place to work and stay.. for the moment :)

as we speak now.. or as i am posting this, i have finished packing 5 boxes... and no 6 is on its way :) my workstation is like being hit by hurricane :p excited with the moving office? yes! happy with my team's area? ermmm... not really... something is not balanced with the design. but, i can live with it.. 
taraa!! pergh... tiring you know... tomorrow definitely i am wearing jeans!!
haa... picture taken by mamarazzi at the office :p

and actually i want to type more but i am hungry right now... might start back my gym session with kaiser tonight... i need the energy :) hmmm what do i eat yeah.. oh... did i mention that i am trying to cut down my rice intake? hahaha :D trying :P we'll see how ok... my aim is to get back my toned arm and legs :) thigh especially ok... 

till then... have a good evening :)


irasilver said...

Mamaraziii la sgt... hehe... y u not happy with ur teams' place? I thot we are good? :P

Ein said...

lots of things la.. hmm malas nak cakap sini..